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It’s no secret by now that the docu-series “Tiger King” has swept the nation. I recall someone writing something on Facebook like, “‘Tiger King may not be the salvation we asked for right now but it’s the one we needed.” So then I had to watch it. There’s certainly something for everyone in that show. You have issues of animal rights. You have husbands gone missing. Murder for hire. Sex cults. Vegas swingers. Drug addiction. The LGBTQ community I’m sure has some feelings about it. How do they feel they were represented? Even documentary makers themselves may have strong opinions about it, because within this sensational docu-series was the failed making of an original documentary someone else tried to make on the star Joe Exotic. So…did the second documentary maker benefit from the work already done from the first, without giving credit where credit was due?

I don’t have answers to all of the questions I’ve posed. What I do know is that it’s the show everyone is talking about, and that sort of surprised me. And then…it sort of didn’t. In the midst of a global pandemic, it was this slightly deranged, absolute sh*t show of a, well, show, that caught our attention. Did the timing of its release have something to do with that? Is “Tiger King” the remedy nobody asked for but everybody needed in the midst of this health crisis? I kind of think it was. Here are things “Tiger King” made us feel, that we didn’t know we needed to feel.


It’s almost as crazy as our reality

Reality feels like a sh*t show right now. It feels like a mess. It feels like nobody is in charge, we can’t trust any information we get, everybody is lying, the facts are always changing, the enemy is always changing, and we waver between thinking everything will be fine to thinking everything is f*&ked five times a day. Much like the roller coaster that is “Tiger King.” Maybe we can’t relate to a calmer show right now.

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