Quarantine Confessions: Things Are Getting A Little Ratchet Around The House

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I’m really getting to know myself during this pandemic—how I’d be without societal expectations and pressures. And, by the way, societal expectations and pressures aren’t always a bad thing. They’re often what keep us from reverting into total animals. Aren’t we seeing it, now? People are stressed, and getting to the point of thinking of nothing but survival much like animals and so they’re picking physical fights over rolls of toilet paper. Nobody cares what anyone thinks of them right now, and we are finding that that’s not necessarily a good thing. Maybe some degree of self-consciousness is what makes us human.

I’m glad I can say that this quarantine hasn’t impacted the way I treat others. I’m maintaining my empathy. Perhaps I have the luxury to do so because I’m currently holed up in a small town where the stores are not overrun, so there isn’t competition over supplies. I typically reside in a big city, but I’m finding that a small town is a very good place to be during this pandemic. Small towns are communities. They work together. They know how everyone is doing and come together when somebody needs something. Small town residents don’t operate with the same anonymity that big city residents do—there isn’t that understanding of, “Well, I’ll never see this person again so I can do whatever I want.” You know you’ll see everyone again in this small town.

Naturally, I hope people are remaining civil not just for selfish purposes, of course, but because they genuinely care. So, yes, as a community we are keeping up appearances around here. But me? As an individual? Not so much! Like I said, I’m learning a lot about myself. Here are confessions from my quarantine. Things are getting ratchet.

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