Don’t Let Coronavirus Be Your Reason To Give Up

March 25, 2020  |  

Feeling lost and alone

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Let me begin by saying when I first thought about writing this article on not letting Coronavirus be your excuse to quit, it was a much more innocent time. I wasn’t buried in homeschooling two kids, scouring my neighborhood for toilet paper, and mourning the loss of my hubby’s Uber gig because with me currently unemployed it was our main source of income. It was just a few weeks ago, in fact, that a friend and I had the nerve to even joke about how it would make our lives a lot easier if the whole East Coast got wiped out by the virus because we would be exempt from dealing with our shit. The debt, the failure of not being where we want to be at this point in our life — therein lies the problem with this virus, even if it doesn’t get you physically, it screws with your mental. Death starts looking like a get-out-of-jail-free card with a 6-pack waiting for you on the other side.

Problem is, the survivors. They would haunt me in death because they’d expose my weakness. The reason the Titanic really sucked is because you had a few people who survived. Same with the Holocaust, enslavement, and the Great Depression. It’s the survivors that keep the whole group from becoming martyrs, and the truth is there are always survivors. We can call it fate or God’s grace, but we also have to consider some people resist the temptation to give up. While the world is sinking, they’re building their ark. For me, refusing the allure of the virus and the morbidity and mortality it’s causing in its wake, has come from realizing a few things:

1. I’m not alone.
Call me what you want, but I take comfort in knowing that somehow I’m not going through this alone. People all over the world are homeschooling, falling into debt, getting sick, and in the worst case, dying. While none of that makes me happy, I’m just glad that this time it isn’t about race, class or social status. If you’re alive your ass is quarantined. Period.

2. Reaching out is good for me.
I’m finding that the more I reach out to check on family and friends, the better I feel. Some friends have formed group chats to keep up with one another, Facetime and Skype are good to remember what folks actually look like, and don’t sleep on text and email. It’s also a great time to mend broken relationships, reconnect with old friends and strengthen business ties.

3. The time to plot and plan is now.
Now you may be wondering what’s the use of planting seeds in the middle of a drought? Well, only the fool waits till New Year’s to start a new resolution. The time is now. And while some of us are dealing with more challenges than others, we have to see a day beyond this virus. We have to know that we’ll make it through to the other side, and when we do, we’ll be ahead of the game. So use this time to build. Start that book. Research that business idea you’ve been putting off or totally think of something new. One thing this virus has shown is that life is uncertain, anything can happen next, so expect the unexpected.

4. Pray, Meditate, Exercise
I get it. Some of ya’ll might not be big on God, especially if things were already hard before this virus thing hit. But now ain’t the time to give up on your faith. In fact, it’s the best time you have to let go and let God because, really, how you gonna stop a worldwide pandemic? Now if you prefer to meditate, get back on that daily meditation grind. If getting still doesn’t work, then stretch it out and pump it up to your fav YouTube exercise video. Just find a healthy way to cope so you’re less likely to get swallowed up in the storm.

5 Be grateful.
If you can still breathe, be grateful. Being grateful is the best way to shift from an outlook of doom and gloom to one of hope.

That’s all I got. Be safe out there.

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