7 Things To Appreciate About Being Single

February 1, 2012  |  
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I’m a big believer in appreciating what you have. And, that can also mean appreciating what you don’t have. Instead of staring longingly at happy couples and thinking “I wish I had that” do yourself a favor, and next time you see a couple arguing, let yourself think this: “I’m so grateful I’m not dealing with that.” You can appreciate this, too:


You can get your ego boosts everywhere:
Give the bartender a seductive smile. Make Hot small talk with the guy on the plane next to you. Let men know that you are a flirtatious force to be reckoned with. Walk away knowing you left an impression. You can’t in good conscience really do that when you’re in a relationship. So enjoy it now! If you don’t have one man consistently flattering you, get your flattery everywhere else.

You don’t need to shave or wax:

One less thing to worry about in that shower routine. Keep that lower leg under control for shorts and skirts, but if it’s not bikini season, then skip the bikini area. It’s a pain to deal with. It’s a pain to clean up after having dealt with it. Just let it be. You don’t need to maintain it for anyone.

You can wear your wildest clothes:

Maybe you have a unique, funky style that you didn’t break out much around your boyfriend because you were afraid he wouldn’t understand it, appreciate it, or would just think you looked strange. But, it’s actually one of your greatest joys in life to play around with your wardrobe. Do that now! Bring out your unique style to the max. You dress for yourself and nobody else now.

You only have to attend half the family events:

Anniversary parties, graduations, birthdays, promotional celebrations—big family events with tons of family members you have to catch up with, and new family and friends you have to introduce yourself to can be exhausting. And, if you’re in a serious relationship, you’re attending twice as many as your man’s plus one! Not now. You get all that time back to do things you want to do.

Sleeping alone:

You can roll around all you want. No more waking up to discover someone has stolen all the blanket. No more being woken up by someone else talking, snoring or farting in their sleep. There is only one alarm clock going off in the morning now. That bed is your kingdom again.

When the DJ yells out…

DJ’s everywhere—parties, clubs, weddings—love to dedicate the BEST songs to single women. That’s you now! You know the women in relationships feel left out when this happens. And that is not you anymore.

Your friends call more:

When you’re in a serious relationship, your single friends tend to forget about you. Every so often they’ll realize “I haven’t seen ­­­­_____ forever!” and call you up. But, you’re not really part of the crew anymore. You don’t have your hand on their pulse, going on all of their weekend getaways, club openings etc. If you’re single, you get to be a part of the crew again.

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