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stockpiling advice

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So it seems the first things everyone hoarded from the stores were toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. There is apparently a major concern that one wouldn’t be able to wipe her butt in this country. Not so much concern with buying the food that we would eat to create the waste that needs wiping. Hmmm…there seems to be a disconnect there. Nonetheless, we’re all familiar with the shortage of those products by this point. Hopefully the craze around stocking up on such items dies down soon. I like to think that those with the hoarding tendencies have already all hit the stores, and there isn’t some new wave coming. But when people do stop fixating on that handful of products, I imagine they’ll start to notice a few other things that would make quarantine a bit more pleasant, not to mention safe.


There are a lot of things we use on a daily or weekly basis that we can forget about. And, there are those things that we perhaps only want once a month or so, but when we want them, we really want them—or need them. Many individuals’ minds tends to work in the same way, so you can bet if you’re thinking about the fact that you’ll want these products in your home during quarantine, others are thinking about that, too. We do have this beautiful thing called online shopping, and this other beautiful thing called delivery. So, you don’t have to venture back out into the stores—where you could contract the coronavirus—to get these items. But, like I said, peoples’ minds tend to work in similar patterns, so if you’ve come up with the clever idea to beat the brick-and-mortar store lines by buying these items online, someone else has thought about it, too.


Here are items to stock up with online before everybody else does.

stockpiling advice

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A portable bidet

Didn’t get your massive tower of toilet paper before everybody else did? That’s okay. Just buy a bidet. There are dozens online that attach right to your existing toilet—no need to install a big, fancy bowl next to your toilet. Some people even prefer using bidets to toilet paper, coronavirus pandemic or no coronavirus pandemic, because they give you such a nice, thorough clean.

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