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shopping addiction

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I used to be a major shopping addict. I mean, I guess once an addict, always an addict, so I am still a shopping addict—just one in recovery. I used to spend the majority of my free time in stores. If friends asked what we should do for the day, I’d say shopping. If my mom came to visit and asked what I wanted to do—you guessed it. I wanted to hit those boutiques, baby! I really know I had a problem because it would come out in full swing after I’d had a few cocktails. I’d just start looking for stores to go to. I’d convince the whole crew I was out with that we should find a store that was open. I even nearly made some huge mistakes due to my love of shopping. Do you know how many flights I barely made by the skin of my teeth, because I got caught up trying things on in the duty-free stores? There were even times when I’d be driving somewhere with friends, we’d make a stop for gas or food, and I’d sneak into a nearby store while nobody was looking. I just had to see if there was any cute piece I could pick up in the ten minutes we had.


I had a problem. I was even starting to hide it from people, and when that happens, you know it’s a problem. “Is that new?” friends would ask my outfit. “Nope! Old thing!” Huge lie. Almost everything I was wearing was always new. Especially when I was single and dating – I loved to blow money on new outfits for dates. While my affinity of clothing luckily didn’t extend to overpriced, designer items (I love a good thrift store), a shopping addiction certainly can be a financial issue for some. And even if you have all the money in the world to spend, you have to ask yourself: why do you feel compelled to spend? I made a vow to kick my shopping addiction. It wasn’t easy. And it took a couple of years. But here’s how I did it.


Suggest a different activity

If friends suggest we meet and go shopping—even if they just say “window shopping”—I suggest we do something else. There is no such thing as “just window shopping” for me. I suggest, instead, we do something enriching, like see a play, or something that makes us feel good, like go for a hike.

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