Survive this Mercury Retrograde with These Handmade Leather Astrological Journals

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Are you always correctly guessing the signs of the people you meet? Is Co-Star one of the most frequently used apps on your phone? Does your Instagram feed consist mostly of astrological memes? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, then boy, have we got the journal for you.

The Zodiac Sign Handmade Leather Journal by Soothi is crafted with love from genuine leather and adorned with an embossing of your astrological sign in the center, along with words that best encapsulates your personality. It’s the perfect journal for anyone who identifies with their sign.

See it for yourself:

Independent & Optimistic: The Fiery Aries

Aries may love to set the world on fire, but this journal should help them take a much-needed moment to reflect before they burn it all down.

Resourceful & Persistent: The Steady Taurus 

Some say steady, others may say stubborn — either way, a dependable Taurus needs a reliable place to store all of their thoughts, which are probably mostly about food.

Witty & Energetic: The Elusive Gemini 

If you ever manage to get ahold of a Gemini’s journal (unlikely), you’ll be sure to find all the hottest gossip about anyone and everyone — including yourself, so proceed with caution.

Caring & Imaginative: The Nurturing Cancer 

Cancers are convinced they’re the most hated sign of the zodiac, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. These sweet souls are some of the kindest and most empathetic people you’ll ever meet — until you cross them, of course. Then you’re in for a heaping dose of passive-aggressive comments, which may or may not be filling the pages of the journal they’re definitely writing in right now.

Confident & Ambitious: The Warm Leo

Like the sun itself, Leos were born to shine — and they won’t let you forget it! The contents of their journal will probably read more like an autobiography detailing (aka embellishing) their many great accomplishments.

Compassionate & Devoted: The Dreamy Pisces 

Pisces may have their head in the clouds most of the time, but that’s where these sensitive folks thrive. Expect their journal to be filled with emotionally saturated poetry and vivid descriptions of their most recent dreams.

Clever & Reliable: The Meticulous Virgo

Virgos are analytical masterminds with a pension for cleaning and criticizing, though their toughest critic is always themselves. Their journal is organized, bulleted, and contains a significant amount of negative feedback.

Graceful & Idealistic: The Balanced Libra

On any given day, a Libra can fall in love with at least five different people, but their indecisiveness prevents them from being able to commit to any of them for longer than 24 hours. Charming and optimistic, a Libra’s journal is filled with unsent love letters, lists of crushes, and games of MASH.

Optimistic & Independent: The Vagabond Sagittarius 

Sagittarians are filled with an everlasting wanderlust, making them both fantastic travel buddies and impossible to tie down. Their journals are filled with stories from their trips and long-winded, heavily misspelled rants about nothing.

Passionate & Dynamic: The Sultry Scorpio 

Dark, mysterious, and potentially dangerous, Scorpios maintain a healthy (read: excessive) skepticism about those around them. Their journal is just an ongoing list of people who have crossed them…and it’s lengthy.

Ambitious & Loyal: The Driven Capricorn 

Hardworking to a fault, Capricorns have their sights set on success no matter the cost. Their journal is actually just a work notebook, because what are feelings?

Witty & Clever: The Quirky Aquarius 

It’s possible that Aquarians are actually just aliens, but that’s what makes them interesting — and they need to be interesting. Their journals are full of conspiracy theories, social justice action plans, and clever remarks they can use in conversation to establish their intellectual superiority.

Each journal is housed in rich brown leather, tied together with a string tie closure and stitched in paper for an old-world vibe. With all its blank pages, you can use it to record memories, commemorate milestones, jot down random thoughts and ideas, or even just your weekly grocery lists.

Normally $38, the journal is now on sale in your choice of sign for only $34.20.