Spending Habits That Can Lead To Weight Loss

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weight loss and saving money

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Our spending habits and our weight are very closely related. Many of us don’t realize it but there might be a direct link between our financial health and physical health. Studies have found that adolescent women who struggle financially also tend to be overweight. One might see how that can be true. I know that I’ve often sought comfort in an entire bottle of wine and double cheeseburger when I felt stressed about money. I know that, when times have been hard, I leaned into being totally financially screwed, and would go out for an expensive and indulgent meal with friends. It was almost my way of giving my situation the middle finger, but it left me with bloat and a $200 dinner bill.


On the flip side of things, when I have wanted to save money on food but haven’t had the time to cook for myself, I’ve picked up fast food, which naturally isn’t great for my waistline. It’s easy to see how our feelings surrounding money can affect our eating habits, and visa versa. They say the way you do one thing is the way you do everything, and I think if you’re a bit irresponsible with money you may also be irresponsible with food, or the other way around. But you can dig yourself out of these habits, and it’s amazing how just a little jumpstart of better eating and/or spending habits can show results quickly. Those results can motivate you to stay on track, and suddenly you’ll find that your efforts towards your weight loss goals positively influence your money goals, and the results just grow and grow.


If you are struggling both with your weight and your finances, it’s time to stop seeing these two as separate and unrelated. They are very much related. Here are spending habits that can lead to weight loss.

weight loss and saving money

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Eat at happy hour

When you dine at happy hour, a couple of good things happen. First of all, the restaurant saves money by making happy hour portions smaller. That may seem cheap of them, but it’s good for your waistline, while giving you those better prices. Also, there is a cutoff time on those great prices, so you won’t just keep ordering all night long.

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