If You Just Failed, You Need To Hear This

March 10, 2020  |  
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How someone handles failure says just about everything about that person. Understandably, we won’t all be at our best, all of the time. Even those who handle failure impressively well will have those times—those setbacks—when they just don’t know if they have the strength to get back up this time. We all know those wonderfully strong individuals who have had that phase when we were all worried about them—they usually bounced back much quicker than this. Even the greatest can feel beaten down, sometimes. But, the way you generally tend to handle failure says a lot about you.

That’s an important lesson, because a lot of people don’t even know that what they do in the minutes, hours, days, or months following failure is exactly what will determine their success. Many just say, “Ah, damnit” and try to forget about it, move away from it, and put it in the past. Some just want to run from the pain and humiliation as quickly as possible. Can you blame them? And while we can all empathize with that feeling, we have to know that running from failure isn’t useful.

Of course, right after failure, your mind is swarming with negative thoughts. You’re telling yourself some pretty bad things about yourself. You’re not very nice to yourself after failure, are you? Nah. Nobody is. That’s why, at that time, when our psyches are fragile, we need someone else to say the things that we know are true—that we know are useful—but that we don’t have the strength to tell ourselves. I can point to so many individuals who were there for me after my failures, and who lifted me out of trenches I wasn’t sure I’d ever come up from. They were there for me when I was losing steam on my goals. If you just failed, you need to hear this.


Even when you succeed, you’ll fail

Even when you are extremely successful, wealthy, powerful—you name it—you will still experience failure. Nobody gets to escape it. The stakes will just be higher. The disappointments will be worse. Dealing with failure is actually just a very important skillset everyone should have. You’ll need it at every level.

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