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getting a routine checkup

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I don’t think many people love going to the doctor. That annual checkup always feels like such a nuisance, and it’s kind of a downer. You’re just going on about your life—you’re working on your goals, planning trips, building friendships, keeping up your love life—and then you have that ugly little reminder that you are mortal. You don’t get to work on goals and travel and dance and party forever. You’re a human in a body that is fragile and finite. So, yeah, you have to go get your checkups so you can stay in that body for as long as possible, in as great as shape as possible. That’s how you get to enjoy all the things you love for many, many years to come. But nobody likes to really think about the fact that, at any point, something in their body could just give. You’re too busy thinking about that presentation due Monday, that vacation you’re booking, that fight you’re in with your partner, that cute dress you saw in the store, and things like that. You don’t want to be bothered with a checkup.


So, if you’re like many people out there, you probably have a nice list of excuses for not getting your annual checkup. We as humans are clever like that—we can reason our way in or out of doing anything, so long as it’s convenient for us. We’re too smart for our own good. But also, sometimes we’re too dumb. And that’s the case if you’ve been skipping your checkups. Every year, you get that reminder card, call, or email from your physician’s office—it’s time for your yearly checkup—and so commences your days of making excuses and justifying not going. Unfortunately, I’m here to bust all of those excuses.


I have great genes

Well that’s great, and I’m happy to hear that. It’s good that your family hasn’t had to deal with too many illnesses or catastrophic medical events. That being said, just because those things haven’t popped up in your family’s history, doesn’t mean they won’t. You also have to remember that your family members may have lead very different lives than you do. You’re exposed to contagions, pollutions, and ingredients to which they weren’t.

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