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home decor ideas

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I never really understood the power our surroundings have over our emotions. Cleaning and tidying my place used to seem like things that just got in the way of my pursuits. I sort of lived like a slob. I always worked in a robe, in bed (which are terrible work-from-home habits) and I left my place in disarray. My roommate would actually ask me to keep my bedroom door closed because the appearance of the room disturbed her so much. I thought she was being crazy, but now I totally get it. In fact, I even told a friend who may move in with me that she’ll need to literally clean up her act if we’re going to live together—I’ve seen the state of her current home and it would really upset me to exist like that.



I’ve completely changed my perspective now. Instead of looking for the cheapest version of whatever I need for my home, I consider it a true investment to buy something that—not to get all Marie Kondo on you—sparks joy when I look at it. While the old me would have purchased a plastic chair from a yard sale for a reading corner, the new me just bought a gorgeous, faux-fur-covered seat with hardwood legs and a wide seat and back. I just look at it and feel happy, safe, and creative. I think that everything in your home should make you feel that way, especially if you work in a creative field, and do a lot of work from your house.


There are a lot of simple touches that can make a space go from dull and uninspiring to welcoming and motivating. They don’t need to cost much, either, but you are welcome to throw cash at them if you have it. Here are décor upgrades that can boost creativity.


home decor ideas

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Add houseplants

Plants do several great things for creativity. First off, they help send more oxygen to your brain, which is essential to getting those ideas flowing. Second off, they remind you of how much something can grow with just a little love and care—just the way your projects can. And third, they help you feel connected to mother nature, who is such a great source of energy.

home decor ideas

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Paint one wall blue

Blue is a wonderful color for creativity. It is calming, without making us feel sleepy. The right shade of blue can look a little whimsical, and help our imaginations get to work. Blue reminds us of the sky, which is endless, the way we hope our ideas will be. So paint the wall where you’ll set your desk or workstation blue.

home decor ideas

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Place workspaces in natural sunlight

Try to get as much natural sunlight as you can. You may need to reorganize your home. Perhaps you’ve had your bedroom in the room with the big windows, but, really, you sleep in there so it’s okay if you put your bed in the darker room. Putting your office in the room that gets the most light will help to keep you feeling positive and energized.

home decor ideas

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Keep other walls light

Though you will have one blue wall for motivation and tranquility, paint the other walls a light color. You can do white, eggshell, off white, or even yellow. Light colored walls reflect light better than dark colored walls, so they can help you maximize your natural light.

home decor ideas

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Add soft edges

You don’t need sharp corners in a place that’s supposed to feel like a supportive, creativity incubus. Opt for soft, round corners. Go for couches with rounded edges, a round dining room table, and perhaps small round ottomans around your home for storage and seating areas.

home decor ideas

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Frame your favorite quotes

You likely have read some quotes in your life that really struck you. The moment you look at them, they have a way of shaking all the negative thoughts out of your head and shaking you back into the right headspace. They instantly remind you of your values and what you want to put out into the world. Frame these quotes and hang them up.

home decor ideas

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Add photos of hard workers

Have there been some incredibly hard workers in your family or life? Grandparents? Great grandparents? An old school sports coach or principal? Put up photos of these individuals. Have them face your workspace. Ask yourself, each day, how you could make them proud.

home decor ideas

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Choose innovative pieces

Find some funky, quirky pieces—from furniture to artwork—that are unique, just like you. Find some things that are unlike anything anybody else has made. You’ll look at those and realize that somewhere, somebody was bold enough to follow their vision and make that thing and it resonated with you. Your work can do the same thing for others.

home decor ideas

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Keep windows airy

Though you may like the thought of dark purple or red velvet curtains, these belong more in a sex dungeon or vampire’s quarters than your creative space. Keep window spaces airy with transparent curtains or linen drapes. Or you can opt for clean, white French shutters.

home decor ideas

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Choose the right chair

Find a chair that is ergonomic, so it relieves pressure points along your body, keeping you comfortable for prolonged periods of time. It should, however, still sit at an upright angle—or semi-upright—since those that recline too much can leave you feeling sleepy.

home decor ideas

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Remove clutter

The clutter has to go. Be militant about only keeping things you need and that make you happy. If there is some thing that you haven’t used in a long time, but feel bad getting rid of, find someone who will really appreciate it and give it to them. I promise you that if you aren’t using the thing now, you won’t miss it when it’s gone.

home decor ideas

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Add a whiteboard

Put up a whiteboard—big or small—and write your goals on it. Many of us keep our goals in various places like on sticky notes or in phone calendars. But it’s useful to see your goals written in big print, on a white board, on the wall. They sink into your subconscious that way.

home decor ideas

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Add your older work

Find some pieces of your older work and put it up around your home. It’s a reminder of how far you’ve come. Maybe right now you think you’ll never reach a certain level, but that’s how you felt when you made those items, and now look at you.

home decor ideas

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Add something provocative

Add one slightly provocative thing to your space—something that might make guests raise an eyebrow. It’s a way of reminding yourself that you are going to do what feels right for you, without fear of what others think. The person who created that provocative piece sure didn’t hold back.

home decor ideas

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Add movable seats

Get a few seats that are easy to move. Small floor puffs that are both decorative and comfortable are great. You never know which corner of your home will strike creativity most, and you may want to sit on the balcony one day, in the living room another, and in your bedroom the next.

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