That’s Why I Am The Way That I Am: Megan Thee Stallion Shares The Story Behind Her Mug Shot & Why She Can’t Trust Men

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Megan Thee Stallion is a woman of her words—or her lyrics rather. She’s out here, having fun, entertaining but not committing to none of these…men. She’s a Hot Girl. And one of the reasons her lifestyle has been met with such criticism, confusion and condemnation is because it’s rare to see a woman actively pursue her own freedom over a relationship.

Recently, Thee Stallion explained an incident from her past that contributed to this mindset. It all began when a picture of Megan’s 2015 mugshot was released. People immediately started speculating about the charge which read, “#1 ASSAULT CAUSES BODILY INJURY FAMILY MEMBER.”

There were some who thought Megan fought her late mother, Holly Thomas. So the Houston rapper hopped on her Instagram Live to set the story straight, explaining her mentality regarding men in the process, and let folks know that she didn’t appreciate them making up lies about a deceased woman.

Check out some highlights from her IG video below.

“I saw my f*cking ugly a$$ mug shot. Oh my God! My mugshot is so terrible. It’s so horrible. But it is what it is and sometimes you just really gotta back up what you be about. So, I was maybe 19 or 20 and I was in college and I had a real beautiful, toxic relationship. It was fun but it was bad and I had to get out of it. I was at muthaf*cking South by Southwest and my boyfriend at the time, I had just found out that this n*gga had had a baby, right then and there at the damn concert. B*tch! At the damn concert. What a way to find out yo n*gga cheated on you and had a baby. And the baby had been born. The baby was here. The baby was damn near one.

The n*gga was just going hard in his phone, typing hard den a b*tch. And I said, ‘Who the f*ck you texting?’ So I guess he was just tired of lying and he just gave me the phone. So I’m going through the phone and the text messages are like, “F*ck you and that b*tch Megan. I don’t give a f*ck. You need to come take care of this baby.” And I was like, ‘Uhh, so you got a baby?!”

And I was so mad. And y’all gotta know my temper is bad. I was so mad that I had to just try to collect myself and walk away. So I’m trying to walk away and my boyfriend at the time, was really not trying to see me go. So I’m walking away and this n*gga pulling on me, pushing on me and whatever. Like I said, it was toxic. I was young and I thought that toxic sh*t was cute. But it’s not. Don’t let n*ggas put they hands on you and don’t put your hands on n*ggas. Cuz I’m not gon say that I wasn’t putting my hands on him cuz when that n*gga got out of line, I was wrapping his ass up. But that ain’t come at no little cute price. So anyway, I was really trying to keep the peace, trying to keep it player because we were in a public environment. I tried to walk away. The n*gga take my phone, throw it on the ground, stomp on that b*tch. Listen, I’m tall. I’m 5’10. My n*gga at the time was 6’9. So just picture that. I’m trying to call my friends, I can’t call nobody.

Somebody call the police because they seen me and the n*gga getting into it. So it’s taking everything out my being not to really steal off on this n*gga in the middle of the street. He tried it really one too many times. Because you only got so many times to push a real b*tch. So the n*gga had it coming. It just so happened that when I was ready to give it to him, the muthaf*cking police pull up when I’m punching. The police jump out the car, ‘Ma’am are you okay?’ And I’m like, “No! I just found out he cheated on me. He had a baby.” And my boyfriend he mad. ‘Man, f*ck that. Megan shit up.’

So, I’m a real b*tch. To the tee, to the heart, to the core. The police officer asks me, ‘Did he hit you?’ B*tch, I look rough. My weave to the side, the shirt jacked up, my pants dirty cuz he been pushing me. So me, being the real b*ch that I am, the strong Black queen trying to hold it down for my Black King, I say, ‘No officer, he didn’t hit me.’ Cuz I don’t want him to go to jail. B*tch, the muthaf*cking laws ask that n*gga, did I hit him. That n*gga said, ‘Yeah, she hit me in the eye.’ He really gassing it. B*tch you got to know they sent me straight to jail. Them hoes cuffed me. I ain’t never been cuffed in my life. So I’m siting there on the side of the curb thinking to myself, ‘Damn, I’m finna go to jail. I’m gone. I’m going to prison.’ So, my n*gga had a baby, been had a baby. Baby been here. I ain’t know nothing about it. Just found out about twenty minutes ago, now I’m in cuffs. Now I’m finna go to jail. My n*gga don’t care.

They put me in the back of that car. It smelled like pee. It wasn’t even seats. It was a bench. I’m in the backseat like I gotta call my momma. If I would told my muthaf*cking momma that I was going to jail behind this n*gga, she woulda drove to me and beat my ass. So I didn’t tell my momma. I’m in the backseat of the cop car crying. I’m bawling. I ain’t never been this sad in my life. I ain’t never had no criminal history, no criminal record, I ain’t stole a pack of gum.”

Megan explains that when she got to the jail, she had to take off all her clothes, all of her piercings and they put her in a black and white jumpsuit. She said that she stayed in jail for two days, sad and depressed. She said they kept sliding notes under the door asking if she was going to kill herself. She said she thought she might as well since the love of her life cheated on her. She said that in that jail, you could only call people in that city so she could only call her boyfriend. With emotions still high, they got on the phone arguing with one another. After tears from both of them, the boyfriend called Megan’s grandmother.

“So I get out of jail after them two miserable ass days. And guess where my stupid ass go? To the n*gga house. All my sh*t over there. The laws asking him do he want to press charges on me. On me?! You want to press charges on me?!”

Megan said her boyfriend told her that he only had sex with the mother of his child one time. Megan said given the fact that the mother was referencing him and her in the text messages, she found that hard to believe.

“Players f*ck up. I had loved that n*gga with my whole body. I did. I hit him. I had to hit him. He was pushing me so I punched him. And the laws caught me. Eventually, I broke up with him because he said it wasn’t his baby but come to find out, it was. So I had to get out of that toxic situation. But once I love somebody I’m stuck with them. But I ain’t been like that with nobody since then because I cannot trust n*ggas. A n*gga will really be in your face for a year with a whole baby born and it’s like, ‘If you can’t go to Bella Noches, where the hell could you go?’ But I guess that’s probably why I am the way that I am. Because he was in my face the whole time, lying like he ain’t have no baby. So that’s where my little mugshot came from or whatever because I seen somebody on the internet saying that I hit my mother and I be drinking so much because I’m trying to hide the pain. B*tch, I be drinking so much because I like to drink. I like to turn up. Do not bring my mother into this. That’s not cute. Y’all hoes on the internet, y’all need to go play. If you don’t like me, you ain’t got to speak about me. Cuz me and hotties are not worried about you.”

You can watch Megan tell the full story in the video below.


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