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Sexual molestation within families is nothing new. Family members trying to ignore or cover for these offenses are also commonplace. What is new though are people sharing their stories of sexual assault and subsequent familial abuse on social media.

But that’s what happened this weekend, when a 19-year-old woman named Karaniah, tweeted about her grandmother writing a letter on her behalf in an attempt to get her son out of prison. In a video that went viral, Karaniah said:

“Okay y’all, so I’ve been trying to keep my peace with this sh*t. I’ve really trying to keep my peace with this sh*t but it’s through. I’m done. How come my grandma, my f*cking grandma wrote this letter on my behalf to try to get my abuser, which is her son, out of f*cking jail for molesting me. B*tch! B*tch. When this b*tch handed me this letter I was through. I was through.

And now this b*tch wants me to sign it. She’s like, ‘Can you sign it? He deserves to be out of jail. He’s a changed man.” B*tch, no. He can stay there.

My ass is not signing. My ass is not signing. She forged this whole letter so I’m putting it on social media just in case she tries to forge my signature. And I live with my grandparents and I’m moving.”

In subsequent tweets, Karaniah shared that while her grandmother hadn’t forged her signature and wasn’t forcing her to sign the letter, she resented being asked. Naturally.

In an additional twist, Karaniah shared that she’s adopted so her grandparents are White.

Which is what makes Karaniah’s  story a bit different than other victims of sexual abuse at the hands of family members. More than just family members protecting one another, despite violent acts, Karaniah believed that her race kept her grandmother from empathizing with her, a Black woman, over her White son.

Eventually, after the suggestion of other Twitter users, Karaniah launched a Go Fund Me page to help her raise enough money to get out of her grandparents’ home.

Within a day, she exceeded her $800 goal and eventually stopped accepting donations.

In the Go Fund Me, Karaniah explained that in addition to her grandmother’s son molesting her when she was five-years-old, he also molested his sister and cousin. As a result, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Karaniah shared that she vents as a form of a coping mechanism so she was completely shocked by the fact that people showed such generosity after she shared her story. In an update on her Go Fund Me page, she wrote:

“Hi again, thank you SO much to everyone who donated, shared, rted, liked or shared to get the word out there. So many of you have came into my dms with similar stories and while it has made me sad for every one of you. It’s nice for all of us to know we’re not alone. Every single one of you are SO strong. I’ve exceeded my goal and I am nothing but speechless. I’m going to figure out how to close this down because everyone has exceeded my expectations, again thank you. Also I have picked up my things from my grandmothers house and with the help of my god mom I will be heading back to Ohio, again thank you SO much for the urgency you met me with. I have more than enough to afford a place and start fresh. I am filled with a hope I haven’t been filled with in such a long time. In a world where it is much easier to be cruel on the internet, I will never forget the kindness of strangers. This is because of the internet. Here’s to 2020. Here’s to a brighter outlook and it’s all because of you. I will keep you updated with moving into a place as it happens and am so grateful. Thank you.”


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