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sanitizing and disinfecting

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We are creatures of habit. We get into our routines. We use many of the same things every day, at the same time, and quickly move onto the next task. We don’t really have time to think about what bacteria may be lurking on our everyday items. We just need them to serve their purpose so we can move on with our days. We can all get a bit lax about cleaning items because we’re in a hurry. We have lots to do! So we don’t make time to regularly sanitize things. But you know what would really slow your roll, put a damper on that to-do list, and have you out of commission for a while? A flu. A cold. Hospitalization due to E. coli poisoning. And that’s just what might happen if you don’t clean those little germ houses (aka regular items) you use every day. That will slow you down far more than the task of just sanitizing these things.



Laziness may not be entirely to blame, though. Many of us just don’t think about some of our products as bacteria habitats. We’re just civilians—we don’t know the details about germs that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases does. We have our theories on how germs work and where they live, and we lean on those theories for comfort. They won’t be of much comfort, however, if you do, in fact, get sick. All of the pseudo-science and half-baked ideas in the world won’t actually disinfect that loofa or pull the germs off of those socks. Even though you don’t want to add one more thing to your to-do list, it’s worth it to add this: sanitize these items on a regular basis. Doing so actually isn’t as difficult as you think.

sanitizing and disinfecting

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Throw blankets

Your dog walks out on the dirty streets and cuddles up in this blanket. Your partner passes out in it and drools on it. Maybe your kids eat snacks on it, and aren’t really diligent about containing their crumbs and juice. That little throw blanket on your couch sees a lot of action, so toss it in the laundry with your main linens.

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