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poser meaning

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Posers. I thought I’d be done with them after high school. Even though poser may be a juvenile term that we learned in our youth, posers are very much real throughout our lives. There will always be those who are most concerned with appearance, rather than their personal experience and values. There will always be those who are impatient, and seek instant gratification and fame, rather than actually enjoy the process, or have any admirable purpose behind their work.

Whatever industry you’re in, you know that they exist. There is the group of you who is actually putting in the work and in it for the right reasons, and there is the group that is just here for the attention, the notoriety or…maybe they’re not even really sure why they’re here. But you—your group of pursuers—you know exactly who the posers are. You roll their eyes when they approach. You groan when they want to “try to get something going with you” because you just know they don’t have the work ethic. They don’t have real drive. They have no idea what they’re doing.

I do feel bad for posers. Their behavior naturally comes from some deep-seated insecurity that was never addressed, and has been there for a very long time. But, real talk: they just tend to saturate industries that are already oversaturated. I wish they’d go work on themselves, figure out what it is they want, and come back. Here are the differences between a poser and a pursuer.


A poser talks a lot

A poser has endless time to talk. She’ll just catch you in a coffee shop or the break room or some plaza and just talk your ear off, as if she has nowhere in the world to be. She wants to talk about what you’re doing and whom you’re working with and what she’s doing and whom she is working with. But really, she seems like she could talk all day.

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