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On any given day, you can walk down the street and see a real good looking guy. You acknowledge it – either to yourself or aloud – and keep it moving. But when you see a good-looking man that’s probably “of a certain age,” you might do a double take because you are glad to see an older man taking care of himself. Well, here are a few of our favorite celebrity men over age 40 that look darn good.

Here we go…

Lenny Kravitz, age 47

Lenny is the kind of fine that makes you not care that he wears nail polish and eye liner sometimes. Or that he wears low cut v-neck shirts when the weather is nice. Or that we once saw him walking the NYC streets in knee boots…with heels. He’s eclectic and we accept him for all that he is.

Blair Underwood, age 47

What’s that you say, Blair? You want to leave your current life and come join me in mine? No no, honey, that’s not necessary – I’ll just continue to take you in from a distance. Just…FINE.

Gerard Butler, age 42

I’m convinced that its Gerard’s eyes that just pull you in.  In all of his movies, you can look in those deep blue eyes and not want to look away. I mean, we can’t deny that body either (remember Gladiator).

Denzel Washington, age 56

Let’s be clear on something: Denzel will always look good. On his worst day, he is “okay looking.” Our mothers loved him in the 80s, for goodness sakes. When you’ve been looking that good for over 20 years, you know that there’s just nothing that will change that.

Will Smith, age 43

We all knew Will was cute back in the Fresh Prince days but it seems like when he hit his mid-30s, something happened. Will slowly but surely became this MAN and we couldn’t help but say, “DAMN, when did Will start looking so good?” And when he has the salt and pepper hair and beard going? YES.

Ken Watanabe, age 52

I’m going to say this: Go look at The Last Samurai again and tell me you don’t see what I see. That is all.

James Pickens, Jr., age 57

The Chief!!!  Every week, I watch Grey’s Anatomy and say, “Wow, the Chief looks really good tonight.”  You know how you see a guy sometimes and say, “That’s a MAN right there” with an emphasis on the word “man?” That’s what I say when I see James and I’m sure his wife loves all of it as much as we do.

Matthew McConahey, age 42

I know, I know – Matthew isn’t always as handsome as he should be. There are times when he looks like he hasn’t showered in days but instead has been on a week-long beer binge with some frat boys. I agree. But when he’s showered and shaved, there’s nothing you can say except, “Yep, I knew he had it in him.”

Benjamin Bratt, age 47

The dilemma with showing off Benjamin is that you can never find “the best” picture…because he always looks good.  Do you drool at the picture of him with facial hair or without facial hair? Do you gaze at the picture of him with longer or shorter hair? The smiling or serious look picture? I mean, it doesn’t matter – just drink it all up.

Rick Fox, age 42

Am I the only one who thought Rick was “too pretty” to be playing basketball?  With a face like that, we certainly wouldn’t have wanted him to take an elbow to the face or fall and chip a tooth or something. Since he retired, we’ve been lucky enough to see him on television almost every year.

Ice Cube, age 42

*cue Beyonce* I told my girls you can get it!! My love for O’Shea (that’s what I call him, you others just keep calling him Cube) has run deep for years – way before the rest of you caught on to how cute he was.  He switches up his look from time to time, going from “I’m still a gangster and don’t test me” one day to “I’m a Hollywood guy who makes family programming” the next day. That’s right, show the people how you can mingle in different circles.

Julius “Dr. J” Erving, age 61

There’s just…something about him, you know? Dr. J looks like he’d slide up next to you in a lounge with some cognac in his glass, ask all about you…and really care to hear the answers.  Next thing you know…well, you know.

Anderson Cooper, age 44

Okay, so we know that the Silver Fox isn’t into women (or so we hear).  But since when did sexual preference ever matter when pointing out attractiveness? Anderson is smart, tall, attractive, charismatic and…wait. That’s enough – you get it.

I know you’ll have your own favorites so check me out on Twitter (@DrennaB) so we can break it down further.

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