Celebrities Who Need To Leave Their Problematic Ways In The Last Decade

December 31, 2019  |  
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Now that we’re entering into another decade we’re likely thinking about the behaviors we want to modify or adapt. We’re discussing the ways in which we’d like to change and grow over the years. What goals we’d like to achieve. I know some of you are already trying to figure out how to hang your vision board in your homes. We do this every year but there seems to be a bit more pressure about this one because 2020 is going to be special. The numbers signify clarity of physical vision and people have taken that to mean something spiritual as well. So the pressure is on. And while we should all be doing our own personal work, we can also point to a few celebrities whose behavior over the past few years has  been consistently problematic and even detrimental to the community. Some of these people talk out of the side of their neck from time to time while others on this list have spewed anti-Black statements. And others have inflicted physical and psychological harm. We’re not saying we want any type of tragedy to befall these individuals, we’re just hoping that as the New Year approaches, they do some much needed self-reflection and get their sh*t together or simply step away from public life entirely so we don’t have to be exposed to any more of their bullsh*t. Let us know if you agree with our assessment that it’s time these people consider taking a sabbatical and sparing the rest of us.

Check out the people who made the list and feel free to comment with any names we may have missed along the way. Because the way some of these celebrities get down, we could be here all day.


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Long before his hymen comment, rapper T.I. hasn’t always spoken that highly when it comes to women. There were his comments about women not being fit to be President of the United States. And claimed marriage was a distraction, despite being in a marriage. And then of course there was the years worth of emotional abuse he inflicted on Tiny. I’m not saying we should throw the whole man away. But it would be nice if T.I. would think more seriously about the ramifications of his actions as his platform grows. For one reason or another people are looking to him as some type of thought leader. So it’s imperative that he tighten up.

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Kanye West

Oh dear. I want to be careful here because it’s clear that Kanye is going through a journey. And a lot of times when people find God or rediscover God they can come off a little fanatical. So while I won’t judge the sincerity behind “Sunday Service,” some of the ideas purports from that stage are damaging. Not to mention his allegiance and loyalty to Donald Trump has not wavered. It would be great if Kanye would continue making music but also take some time to also think about the consequences of his words.

19th Annual Harold And Carole Pump Foundation Gala

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Omarosa Manigault Newman

Ever since she was ousted from Trump’s White House, Omarosa has attempted to paint herself as some type of simultaneous victim of White supremacy and martyr amongst Black people. In reality, the truth is Omarosa broke her neck to secure that position in an attempt gain power and prestige. It wasn’t long before she realized that her Blackness was not welcomed in that place, with those people. And instead of taking the lesson, she sought to write a tell-all exposing what we all knew to be true about that man and his entire administration.

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Stacey Dash

It’s such a shame what happened to Stacy. We loved her in Clueless. She had a standing invitation to participate in some B movies and BET shows and then, with the emergence of Donald Trump, it seemed like someone flipped a switch. And in her quest for clout, she jumped on the bandwagon to not only support Trump but to drag the Black community down along the way. All of a sudden, she wondered why we needed a Black History Month or a BET. It seemed like she would say anything to be accepted. And for a while she was. But with her cursing on air, even her new crowd kicked her to the curb. Maybe her recent arrest gave her some time to think about the course her life has taken.

Kodak Black during Homecoming Concert

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Kodak Black

Kodak Black is right where he needs to be right now: behind bars. For as terrible as our prison system is right now, Kodak Black, with his allegations of rape, might need to go ahead and serve his time so he can emerge a better man. While he’s in there, in addition to the allegations, weapons charges and what not, he can also reflect on the ownership he expressed over Yung MA’s body, his disparaging comments about dark-skinned Black women and his come-on to Lauren London, weeks after Nipsey Hussle passed.

R. Kelly, worried his infected toe might be stepped on, skips court hearing

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R. Kelly

What more can we say about this one? Justice would look like R. Kelly spending the rest of his life in jail. And at this point, it’s looking like that’s the way things might shake out. And rightly so. With all the evil R. Kelly has been able to perpetrate over decades, we don’t need to hear another syllable from him.

Bill Cosby arrives at the Montgomery County Court for sentencing in Rockville

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Bill Cosby

If you thought Bill Cosby’s incarceration was going to silence the once famed-comedian, we all thought wrong. Instead, his team releases the occasional statement whenever his name comes up in conversation, as if a comment or a joke, in the case of Eddie Murphy, can do anymore to tarnish his reputation than what he’s done over the course of half a century. I would like very much for Cosby to serve out the remainder of his sentence in silence.

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Azealia Banks

Such a talented artist. Of all the people on this list. I’m holding out just a little bit of hope for Azealia Banks. If she got the help she needed and made some long-overdo apologies and proved to people that she had actually changed, I feel like the community would welcome her with open arms. But those are a lot of conditions. And as of late, Azealia doesn’t seem to be interested in any of it.

Fabolous arrives at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. Los Angeles, California - Tuesday October 22, 2019.

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While most celebrities seem to have forgotten the heinous acts rapper Fabolous committed against his longtime girlfriend Emily B., every time I hear his name, I see him wielding some object at her and her family. I hear screams of the child in the background and I remember the reports of Fabolous allegedly knocking Emily’s teeth out of her mouth. What Emily decides to do in terms of her relationship is her business. Still, I wish other people would take a stand against his behavior to communicate to other abusive men in the industry and men around the world that such actions are inexcusable and that he should be held accountable.


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