3 Ways To Find Your Purpose Before Setting Your 2020 Goals

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“Find Your purpose or you’re wasting air”

–Nipsey Hussle

As we prepare for the New Year, nearly everyone is setting goals and making plans for success. There are some who, like me, spent most of the fourth quarter setting 2020 goals and making plays that will ensure they become a reality. Others are waiting until the ball drops to begin working on their goals. Listen, sis, I’m not judging you or your process, but to successfully achieve your goals, there’s one important component you must satisfy first: You must find your purpose.
From the time we are born, we are intended to live, not merely exist. Our divine assignment is to impact the world and the people in it. We are charged with paying attention to the universe, our gifts, and our passions to find our purpose. For some, finding their purpose can prove to be challenging; and then there are individuals like myself who discovered their purpose at an early age. Honestly, I’ve known since I was a 10-year-old girl being molested by my uncle that I would one day use the trauma of that situation and my many life experiences to help women and girls. No, I didn’t know what purpose was then or understand the world as I do now, but I felt that connection.
It’s essential to understand that your purpose is specific to you. While you may encounter many individuals living a purpose similar to yours, you will find that the path and passion are different because you make your purpose uniquely yours. Once you understand your purpose, it will guide your life decisions, influence your behavior, shape your goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning.
With the New Year just a day away now is the most opportune time to assure you find your purpose and not waste time on goals that may not be connected to your purpose. Not only will finding your purpose add peace and joy to your life, it will also help you secure the bag and meet goals that are R.E.A.L: relevant, entertaining, attainable, and lasting. Oh, and trust me, nothing will make your goals more R.E.A.L than finding your purpose.
Many people, including myself, believe purpose arises from our individual gifts and passions, but that’s only part of the truth. Our purpose also flourishes from our connection to others. While there is no one way to find your purpose, here are a few things I know to be helpful.


Reading connects us to people we will never know, knowledge we never would have pursued, and situations we never would have encountered. Reading, without a doubt, creates experiences that are linked to a sense of meaning and purpose. As a girl growing up in rural Georgia, I learned about the world and that there was life outside of my situation through books. I gained a greater understanding of life and even the things that I was experiencing through books.

Turn Pain Into Purpose.

Finding your purpose isn’t just intellectual, feelings must be evoked. Yes, reading can help you find your purpose, but there is also power in writing and speaking your truth. Your purpose can grow from your suffering and the suffering of others. Many have found the passion that led to their purpose in sharing the reality of their existence despite the painful truth of those situations.

Pay Attention To What Others Appreciate Most About You.

Many times we fail to see the things that make us great to remain humble and avoid stroking our own egos. However, others see it and appreciate it immensely. Those things that you are most appreciated for may be where your purpose lies. Like myself, many people have found their purpose in people, be it family, community, friends, or strangers. So don’t discount what your acts mean to others.
These tips may seem simple but they are the foundation of your pursuit to greatness. Finding your purpose isn’t an easy task, but it’s a priceless one that will guide you to successfully meeting your goals and living the good life.
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