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Moniece Slaughter, Fizz

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Aside from the premiere of Season 10 of Love and Hip Hop New York on Monday, there was a lot to talk about in part two of the reunion for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, which we’ve been following all season. One of the most uncomfortable moments was watching Moniece Slaughter interact with Fizz, the father of her son, and his girlfriend, Apryl Jones. She contended that despite what they say, she doesn’t care about what they’re doing romantically and just wants respect and understanding as Kamron’s mother when it comes to co-parenting. They countered by saying she does indeed care because she spread lies about their relationship publicly and has had so much to say. It all came to a heated head, with Moniece getting up to at one point to physically confront Fizz before being held back by security. She was livid at how nonchalantly he responded to her speaking on her struggles with her mental health and how she’s attempted to reach out to him for help when these moments happen while she’s with their son. To Fizz, he just felt like she needs to give him full custody so that she can take time to care for herself and when that happens, then they can have joint again. However, he said he’s not stepping in to pick up her slack during her time with their son.

It was a mess.

Moniece spoke about it on VH1’s Morning After Spill show, and despite the emotional moments during the reunion, she recapped her experience with a dry humor.

“The situation with my baby mama is very touchy,” she joked while chowing down on French toast. “There’s a lot that I want to say, but I’m trying, operative word here, ‘trying,’ to be better. It’s just so hard ’cause I mean, f–k that man — and his whore. But there’s three children involved and God’s not done working on me yet, so I still talk my sh-t. I know that probably sounds horrible, but I’m just fed up.”

She didn’t necessarily expect to leave the reunion on good terms with Fizz, as she says the shows are always a “clusterf–k,” but she was certainly disappointed with the way he carried himself.

“We didn’t come to amends. We didn’t even come to an understanding. The only understanding we both have is that we love our son,” she said. “However, I just had to be quiet and I just had to gaze off…because it’s like, when you know someone’s full of caca, and everything they say is disingenuous, insincere, meaningless, untrue and erroneous on all counts, you kind of just got to tune it out.”

“He doesn’t mean anything he says,” she added. “He can burn in hell…after he gets hit by a bus. But, Kamron loves you, so lets figure it out.”

Moniece doesn’t 100 percent rule out the possibility that she and her child’s father can fix their issues in the future, but she believes it will only happen once his relationship with Apryl falls apart and he finds himself embarrassed.

“I just want him to have a really humbling experience that makes me go [lets out a dry giggle], while sipping on some wine, maybe some Hennessy. Then, I want us to mend fences,” she said. “But first, I want him to be completely just broken down, and I’m thinking the gateway to hell might be Apryl.”

As for those in the public who say she needs to focus on co-parenting only and “mind her business,” Moniece says that’s all she’s been doing.

“I have gotten better believe it or not at minding my business. It might not seem like it, but I want the public to understand that my son is my business,” she said. “I don’t have to mind anything when it comes to my son. He’s mine.”

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