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With any goal in life—whether it be financial, personal, or health-related—our success is going to determined primarily by our own will power. With enough determination, we should be able to prevail, in spite of extenuating circumstances. However, external factors do play a role in the rate of our success—or its existence, whatsoever. This is particularly true when it comes to healthy eating.


Naturally, we can’t blame weight gain (or the failure to lose weight) on the presence of bad foods. We live on planet earth, where, for anyone living in a first world country, there will always be bad food—and a surplus of it—everywhere we turn. So, we have to take accountability for our actions when it comes to eating well or…not so well. But even still, we know that in the fight of nature versus nurture, it’s a combination of the two that ultimately determine the way someone turns out. And that’s even true with eating habits.


Perhaps, on the nurture side, your parents actually did a pretty good job of teaching you to eat healthfully. Or, perhaps they didn’t, and you did impressive work of teaching yourself how to eat well. But the nurture aspect doesn’t end at childhood. What about your friends? The people you spend quite a bit of time with and share meals with. They have an impact on you. And sometimes, there can be a pattern amongst friends to encourage poor eating choices in each other. There are all sorts of reasons friends do it—perhaps to feel better about their own food choices. Perhaps they do it out of the fear that if their friends all got in incredible shape, they’d ditch them. But at the end of the day, don’t you want friends who encourage you to be your best self? So, do your friends sabotage your healthy eating efforts?


They push for the indulgent place

When the whole group is picking a place to eat, your friends push for the overly-indulgent place where everything is fried or smothered in cream sauce or served over pasta. If you even dare try to suggest a healthy place, you feel ridiculed. Everyone rolls their eyes. They ask, “Ugh, why are you doing this to us?” they make you really feel like they’d be making a sacrifice for you by eating healthy.

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