Willow & Jada Say Black Skin Is Over-Sexualized In Remembering The Moises Photo Scandal

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This week on “The Red Table,” the usual cast of characters Jada, Gammy and Willow sat down to answer questions from fans. One of them was whether or not Willow ever felt the urge to defend her parents against the rumors in the press about them.

Willow: Yeah. When they would say things like, ‘They’re letting their kids do this…’ and i would be like, ‘Well, would you rather them allow their kids to express themselves and find themselves or just be controlling and then we just end up doing drugs and ending up on TMZ and being sad. Then when people thought you guys were getting a divorce.

Gammy: Just so much. I don’t understand how people can write this stuff. It’s just not true. And I can remember being very, very upset and telling you, ‘You should sue them. You need to sue them. This is not true!’ And you’d be like, ‘Ma, it’s just not worth it.’

Jada: Or when someone called Child Protective Services. They said we were starving Willow. Were you 14?

Willow: I think it started with the whole Moises thing. We took a picture and he had his shirt off. They’re my brothers. I have two other Columbian brothers.

Jada: These boys are always in this house with their shirt off. The boys basically lived with us, so they’re like her brothers.

Willow: There was no sexual intonation in that picture whatsoever. But I find that other celebrities, females, who aren’t Black, who are younger and who do post things that are way more sexual than that, they don’t get any backlash. That said a lot.

Jada: That was the first time I ever got furious. It was one of those blatant moments that you just realize, ‘there’s a difference here.’ There’s something about Black skin and anything considered sexual. And the fact that what’s considered sexual and inappropriate if you have Black skin versus White.

Willow: I was looking at the women (from Child Protective Services) thinking, ‘You could be helping so many kids right now.’ And you’re wasting your time with a child who has everything they need.

Jada: The lady on our case, she was a nice lady. She knew.

Willow: She had to have known.

Jada: The kids got to see for the first time, why Will and I had been so protective. They saw, ‘Oh this is…’ Then I got to see the soldiers in them.

You can see how Willow and Jaden handled the interview in the video below. The question about defending her parents begins at the 8:08 mark.


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