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career change and relationships

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When we’re young, it’s hard to understand that almost nothing in life is guaranteed. Everything is fluid. Many of the things that bother you today probably won’t last forever. Meanwhile, many of the things you take comfort in today probably also won’t last forever. Getting through this thing called life requires flexibility and the ability to adapt.


I bring this up because, it’s so important that the things you love about your partner are the permanent things, namely, his character traits. Those are about the only things you can be sure are here to stay. His appearance, status, income, and all other superficial factors can and likely will change many times throughout your lifetime. If you met when you were both quite young, you’ll likely be together through many of those changes. And one big change that may occur is career path.


Perhaps you met your partner when he was young, and thought he’d picked the career he wanted for life (because that’s a decision we feel forced to make young). But, as he gets older, he may find that the job he got because of the internship he had in college because of the major he picked in college isn’t what will make him happy for all of his working years. And he may quit it, to follow his dreams. Which is admirable. But, what his miserable job lacked in inspiration it made up for in salary and structure. Now that your partner is chasing his dreams, those two things are about to go out the window—at least for a while. And you’ll be along for the ride. That’s why I said make sure the things you love about your partner relate to his character. That will be important right now. Here’s what it’s like when your partner quits his high paying job to follow his dreams.


He’s about to be very busy

Busier than you could imagine. If you thought he was busy at his salaried job, that was nothing. There are no set hours to chasing your dreams. You set your hours. You can work as little or as much as you want. If he’s ambitious and really wants this to work out, he’ll lean to the as much side. He may be up earlier than you and later than you, sending out emails, chasing down leads, working on his website, and so on. He’ll be anxious about working as much as he can each day, probably for fear that, if he slows down, he’ll never pick it back up.

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