Young Love: Our Celeb Crushes From Back in the Day That Fell Off…Hard

December 1, 2011  |  
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How bad does it suck to have crushed on someone hard only to see them years later looking more busted than a crusty truck on the side of the road?

Happens all the time! Not only does it happen with everyday people we went to school with, worked with or lived around, but it definitely happens with our celebrity crushes (oh, MJ…). One minute a star can look so fine, be so talented, or so funny that you swoon over their posters, then the next, they can end up looking like Humpty Dumpty after the great fall. The ladies around here have all had us some Slick Rick-ish “Teenage Love” moments with men we knew we would never get our hands on, but now that they’re older, that might have been a good thing…

Jason Weaver

Back when Jason Weaver was on Smart Guy, hey, maybe even before then, you couldn’t tell my sister nothin’ about that boy, and she wasn’t the only one. Not only was he super cute (we had been following him since his The Jacksons: An American Dream days), but he could sing, he could dance, and his skin just looked like chocolate silk. Yeah, those were the good ‘ol days of being sprung off of Jason Weaver. But then all of a sudden (after he did “One Call Away” with Chingy), it seemed like he fell off the face of the earth…

Only to come back not as hot. I don’t know what happened (I hope he didn’t get sick…), but now he just looks like he has had a HARD life. He has these very large dark circles around his eyes that are more pronounced then they were when he was younger, he’s gained a good amount of weight, and now he just looks…tired. Man Jason, I can still see some of the cuteness in you, but what happened!?


Man…Even before D’Angelo was buff and beautiful in the “How Does It Feel” video, I thought he was awesome. A man that could sing, play piano and write really deep ish without losing his suave and smooth masculinity? YES. Love it. And when he came back around a few pounds lighter with a six-pack I’d like to eat sushi off of, of course EVERYBODY and their mothers were crushing on that fine man too hard.

But last time he came around after dropping an album at the beginning of the millenium, he was arrested for trying to solicit a BJ from an undercover cop! And both his mugshot and court appearance showed off a brotha that looked like he couldn’t say no to a few too many boxes of Twinkies. He’s said to allegedly be working on a new album that will be out sometime by the end of next year, so we’re crossing our fingers that he’ll come back with those solid abs! Hell, a small gut would work at this point, just come back!

Chris Tucker

Okay, so maybe Chris wasn’t Mr. GQ, but he was cute…and he was hilarious! If you ask me, those are winning characteristics to have. And back in the day, Tucker was doing it big, especially after his big role as Smokey in Friday. After that, he was acting a fool in movies like The Fifth Element, Dead Presidents, Money Talks, and of course, the Rush Hour franchise.

But at the ripe age of 39, Idris Elba’s age if you were wondering (yummmmmmm), Tucker looks like somebody’s old daddy, who like many of the men on this list, did more eating than they did working out (hey, women get hell for gaining a few pounds, so I’m just being honest). What happened to that body in Rush Hour 2? Actually, I think I actually preferred him skinny and loud. And why hasn’t he done any films SINCE the last Rush Hour? It’s like he wanted to fall off, but be seen everywhere at the same time…c’mon Chris.

DeVante Swing

Around the time that Jodeci came out and made it big, I was really, REALLY young, so it wasn’t until years and years later that I came to really appreciate their catalog of music and also appreciate the fine-ness that was DeVante Swing. Sure, I was late, but watching videos like “Cry for You” and just their TV appearances, I could see why everyone was “feening” over him back in the day. He wrote and produced a majority of Jodeci’s music, played the piano, had some luscious lips and piercing brown eyes…and was just cool.

But to look at him now, you would think he was the old DeVante Swing’s crazy uncle or something. I think it was a mix between doing too much drugs and living life in general a little too hard, because that man looks ways beyond his 42 years. And that tattoo on his face and his drunken foolery in Subway restaurants doesn’t help his appeal much either. So…where’s Mr. Dalvin at then?

Tevin Campbell

Remember that episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Tevin showed up at Ashley Banks’ birthday party and sang “Happy Birthday” to her? Well, that was the day thousands of young girls fell in love with Tevin Campbell. And I think what was so awesome about Tevin back then was that, even when he blew up, he wasn’t ever trying to sell or force some sort of raunchiness like others do–he had THE voice, and that’s all he needed. After he dropped the album I’m Ready, I was ready too! To love him. Forever. But alas, it would only be a dream, because as I got older, his appeal sank, not to mention the fact that rumors have been flying around for years about his sexuality, AND he recently was arrested (a la D’Angelo style) for soliciting a lewd act from an undercover police officer. Awwwww Tevin man…

Vince Vaughn

Mr. Vaughn was actually a low-key crush for me when I was growing up. You know the kind: the one that you don’t really tell people about, you just appreciate the person’s awesome-ness in silence? I saw him in movies like Swingers and The Cell with Jennifer Lopez and thought randomly: hmm…he’s kind of cute! And he was, for a good minute at least. That’s why I’m confused as to why at 41 he looks like he’s been “Through the Fire” as Chaka Khan would say. Just because you get older it doesn’t mean you have to lose your hotness (think Denzel), but when I see Vince Vaughn nowadays, he just looks bloated and more around the age of 50. He was never a Brad Pitt, but still, he had has own thing going on that was attractive. So, what happened?

Bobby Brown

Hell, you could say this about a majority of the guys from New Edition, but Bobby takes the cake out of all of them. I’ve said it many times before that I think Bobby Brown could have been one of the biggest stars out there, ever: he could dance, he could sing very well, he was charismatic and had all the girls checking for him with that sexuality Michael wasn’t giving out. He was pretty fly. But as always, drugs do a number on people, and they definitely put a halt to a career that should have been stellar for YEARS. Instead, he became Mr. Whitney Houston, divorced Ms. Whitney Houston, got fat, went back on the road with New Edition, lost like no weight on Celebrity Fit Club, and just looks crazy nowadays. You were the beez-neez Bobby! Keyword: were.


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