Marc Used His Daughter As An Emotional Weapon Against Kenya And No Mother Deserves That

November 19, 2019  |  

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If there was an award for the most cringeworthy scene in the Real Housewives franchise, Marc Daly’s debut on last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” would be a leading contender.


As you may recall, Daly is Kenya Moore’s now-estranged husband with whom she shares a one-year-old daughter, Brooklyn Daly. For much of the couple’s brief courtship and marriage, they maintained a long-distance relationship which, as you can imagine, placed a tremendous strain on the new parents. Parenting while cultivating a healthy marriage is challenging enough, but trying to do so while leading separate lives in different states feels damn near impossible.

In the scene, Marc had returned to Atlanta for the weekend and an affection-starved Kenya jumped through hoops in pursuit of his love and approval. Sadly, her attempts to emotionally connect with her spouse were only met with snide remarks, criticism, baby talk, and outright rejection. Kenya even let her desire be known in her prayers as she said grace, asking God to keep them “on the path of being together, being kind and loving to each other,” before wiping tears from her eyes. Tears that Marc pretended not to see.

The most telling exchange, however, occurred when Kenya attempted to discuss birthday plans with the restaurant owner. She was seeking to spend some alone time reconnecting with Marc but he ignored her advances and let her know by way of baby talk with Brooklyn that he had no plans to leave his baby girl behind in exchange for an intimate night out with her mother.

“But if I want to go to dinner and just have some alone time, then how do we do that if she comes?” she asked Marc.

“You mean you and I alone?’ Marc asked Kenya before turning to Brooklyn. “Without you? Naah, you’re number one. We’re not leaving you.”

Kenya tells Marc she’s supposed to be number one and then proceeds to ask her husband, “Who is number one me or Brooklyn?” Marc, of course, evaded the question just as he had done her prior advances. The entire scene was painful to watch — not just because the reality star seemed to be bizarrely trying to compete with her baby for her husband’s affection, but also because it seems that Marc feels absolutely nothing for Kenya.

Finding your footing in a marriage and emotionally reconnecting after having a baby can be tricky, but it seems Marc doesn’t like Kenya at all, and there’s no remedy for that except to just leave. As a new mother, you often don’t feel like yourself and, in addition, you have this helpless bundle of joy who requires much of your time energy, affection, attention, and resources, leaving little time for your spouse. Regardless of the obstacles presented by new parenthood, spouses still need to be reaffirmed of their positions in one another’s lives, however. Being overtired, overextended, and overworked doesn’t give partners a pass to outright neglect or straight up mistreat one another in the name of “the kids come first.” Sadly, that appears to be what happened in Marc and Kenya’s marriage. The very fact that she felt the need to ask her husband who was first between her or her child is evidence of that.

Marc used his daughter as an emotional weapon against Kenya and no mother deserves that. In announcing her pending divorce, Kenya said in a statement, “Due to recent and ongoing circumstances, I can no longer continue in the marriage.“ While many jumped to the conclusion that Marc was cheating, it appears the ongoing circumstance may be neglect. After just a snippet into their relationship, we can see why Kenya can no longer continue.

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