Trina Explains The Whole N****r B***h Fiasco That Went Down In Walmart

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When we saw the news that our resident Miami queen Trina was embroiled in a heated verbal exchange in a Florida Walmart over the weekend, we were rightfully concerned. But when it was revealed that Trina was hot over a white woman who allegedly called her a n—-r b—h, we were two seconds away from asking where and when we needed to pull up.

On Wednesday Trina sat down with TMZ’s creator Harvey Levine on TMZ Live to explain that the altercation stemmed from a moment of kindness.

“It was shocking to me too, I was totally baffled and confused. this has never happened to me, I was totally thrown off,” she began.

Trina said she was walking around the store when she observed a woman who she saw openly crying in the aisle.

“I was walking down the aisle, shopping, this lady was way across in the kids section, like shopping with clothes, and she was crying, she was boohoo crying. And I was like, ‘Oh, hi, are you ok?’ and she looked up like a demon, demonic, very evil, satanic witch and she was like, ‘Get away from me, you n—-r b—h!'”

Trina said she was taken aback and walked away to address a few of the workers and other witnesses who confirmed that she did indeed call her the racial epithet.

She said the incident escalated when her friend asked the woman to apologize to her.

“That’s when she just looked around acting belligerent like, ‘Why are you guys asking me anything, and that’s when I said, ‘Say it again, I am a n—r, one that will whoop your ass!'”

Levine asked Trina if the moment had any connection to the political climate of today.

“This is not the 1800’s. This is not the slavery days. There’s no slaves. In 2020, you can get your ass whopped. So strop trying it. I don’t care about no political anything. I live in that area, in a very nice area. That ‘n—r,’ racist all that, I don’t do racial slurs and I’m not disresepctful. This is not going to happen. We’re not slaves and you’re going to get your ass whooped. Anybody next time that call me anything outside of my name.

And that’s obviously that on that. Period’t.

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