Why You’ll Want To Live Near Your Parents When You Have Kids

June 2, 2020  |  
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grandparents and grandchildren

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If you find yourself family planning in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not be quite sure what your next moves should be. Whether you’re pregnant, are trying to become pregnant, or just had a newborn, you’re likely looking at changes you may make to your life to give your little one the best life. You may wonder if social distancing will be a factor in raising your child. But, the truth is that this won’t go on forever. Do your family planning with the idea that there will be no COVID-19 five or 10 years down the line–during those really tough years of raising kids. And when you think of it that way, you’ll like want to live near your parents.

Whatever your relationship with your parents may be—strained, tumultuous, perfect, up and down, stable enough—once you have kids, that will all change. You’ll want your kids to have a relationship with their grandparents. And, there probably won’t be anyone you trust with your kids more than their grandparents. Even the greatest babysitter in the world—with referrals up the wazoo—won’t have that deep connection and primal protective sensibility towards your kids that the grandparents do. Plus, don’t forget that your parents raised you, didn’t they? And you probably turned out alright. Maybe you have your weird emotional stuff—they were a bit too controlling or too involved or too eccentric—but they kept you alive when you were a little rug rat, and they’ll do the same for their grandkid. Trust me on this: here are reasons you’ll want to live near your parents once you have children.

grandparents and grandchildren

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When your kid needs an emergency pickup

There will be days when your kid’s school calls stating that your kid has a fever and needs to go home. You are in the middle of a very important meeting that won’t let out for another 90 minutes. Nobody can get in touch with your partner or he’s out of town. The school is urging you that it is not safe for the other kids for your child to be on campus for another minute.

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