“This Is The Fight You Wanted” Whoopi, Meghan, Joy ,& Sunny Unite Against Donald Trump Jr.

November 7, 2019  |  

ABC's "The View" - Season 22

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Donald Trump and his family are not particularly known for taking accountability for their heinous actions. Still, in defense of his father, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on “The View” today to promote his book and field quite a bit of criticism for the way his father has behaved during his presidential campaign and now that he’s taken office.

For those who don’t know, with the exception of Meghan McCain, the panelists are mostly liberal-leaning. So they didn’t hold hands and sing “Kumbaya.” Predictably, things got very intense. And Whoopi, who is known for getting crunk on occasion, did not disappoint.

Check out some of fiery moments in the transcript below and watch it in the videos below.

Trump Jr. shared that he believed the media was hypocritical in only expressing outrage about his father. Trump Jr. was joined by Kimberly Guilfoyle, a political analyst, journalist and Trump Jr.’s girlfriend.

Kimberly: Even on this show, the first day after the election someone said, ‘And now let’s start with impeachment.’ It’s been a concerted effort by a lot of people disappointed by the results of the election to undo it and remove a duly elected President of the United States. It was on this show on November 9.

Whoopi: Actually, it wasn’t. Now see, I listened. Now i’m asking for the same. we are an opinion show. That’s what we do. What you seem to have seems very disingenuous because you can’t say I’m a private citizen and yet you’re in the middle of all of this (revealing the identity of the whistleblower). So when you release a name like that, you have to know that—if you’re talking about the white powder your family received, the same thing could happen to him.

Sunny Hostin informed Trump Jr. that revealing the whistle blower’s identity was a federal crime. He told her that that was untrue. She responded, ‘My law degree says it is.” His girlfriend argued that since the name was already out there, he wouldn’t be held responsible.

When they began speaking about Trump’s withholding aid from Ukraine, Whoopi becomes visible annoyed and starts spinning around in her chair.

Things got particularly heated when Meghan McCain brought up the issue of character she feels absent from Trump’s administration.

Meghan: I lot of Americans in politics miss character. And a lot of people miss the soul of this country…does all of this make you feel good?

Trump Jr.:  I don’t think any of that makes me feel good but I do think we got into this because we wanted to do what’s right for America…He’s brought jobs back. he’s created unprecedented levels of unemployment numbers for African Americans…

Whoopi: No…

Trump Jr.: This is fact. You can argue it but this is fact.

Whoopi: It’s not fact.

McCain: My question was about character and character in politics. When you’re talking about attacking gold star families…does it make you feel like it’s worth it?

Whoopi: Can somebody just say they’re sorry?

McCain: You can bring civility back to the White House. You can do it. You’re at the top.

Whoopi: I’m sorry now what you can’t do. You can’t change the past. Obama became president and the first thing that was said to him was we’re going to make sure you’re a one-term president. I’m sorry. Part of being president is having a pair that can take whatever heat that comes toward you.

Trump Jr.: I promise you my father’s got a pair and no sitting president has taken the heat that Donald Trump has taken.

Whoopi: That is bull dog.

Joy: To her point, he’s also called Mexican rapists. . He attacked the handicapped. We heard the Access [Hollywood] tape where he bragged about grabbing women by their genitalia. That’s what Meghan is talking about. She’s talking about lowering the discourse to his level, which is horrible for this country. Even if people are working, we don’t want to have a country like that. Do you understand that?

Trump Jr.: We’ve all done things that we regret. If we’re talking about bringing the discourse down, Joy, you’ve worn Blackface.

Trump Jr.: Whoopi, you said that Roman Polanski—‘It wasn’t rape rape.’ When he raped a child. So let’s talk about serious things.

Whoopi: You want to bring this up…

Joy: I did not wear Blackface, please.

Whoopi: No, she was not in Blackface. Being Black I recognize Blackface. This, I can say to you. So now that you’ve broken piece of ice because I guess this is the fight you wanted…

Trump Jr.: This is not the fight I wanted.

Whoopi: Yeah, it is.

Trump Jr.: We’re talking about character.

Whoopi: Are you questioning my character?

Trump Jr.: No but you’re questioning my father’s character.

Whoopi: I simply said that when you’re saying your father has taken more heat as a president, that is not so. Yes, as a president.

Sadly, all of this back and forth ate up the segment and they had to go to commercial break.

You can watch these portions of the interview in the video below.


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