Times We Try To Buy Happiness But It Never Works

October 31, 2019  |  
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money can't buy happiness argument

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It’s true that money can’t buy happiness. It can, perhaps, buy off stress and discontent. Without enough money to pay for the essentials like food and shelter, you’d be miserable. So buying those things eliminates distress—but it doesn’t buy happiness. And I think that, because money can address some issues in life, many people mistake if for being able to purchase true joy. Money is the preferred tool of people who aren’t quite emotionally well adjusted. When one doesn’t know how to win over the affection and love of others through traditional methods—like through giving affection and love—they can turn to money. Hey, even I’ve been seduced by money a few times, and mistook it for a true connection with someone. But in the end, the truth always comes out—if you’re unhappy, all the money in the world can’t change that. Here are times we try to buy happiness with money but it never works.


Traveling away from the fight

When you aren’t getting along with a friend, roommate, family member, colleague, or partner, you just book a flight and take yourself on a vacation. You can book massages and shows and nice dinners, but all the while, you aren’t really enjoying yourself, when you know you have unresolved conflict in your life. You can’t cover up your unhappiness with money. Furthermore, you can’t really enjoy a trip like this all by yourself—a modest, budget trip with good friends is always better than a five-star resort alone.

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