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Being in the right relationship should improve all areas of your life. It seems so obvious, and yet so many individuals watch their lives—from their friendships, to their health, to their careers—crumble around them, as direct results of things happening in their romantic relationship. I have friends who keep losing friends, because their possessive romantic partners don’t want them to go to bars without them or don’t want them staying out too late. I have friends whose careers are going down the drain because their romantic partners call them “bad partners” for thinking about work so much and not enough about them. And yet, they insist they’re in the right relationship. That’s because a bad one can brainwash you like that. One area of your life that is greatly impacted by a relationship is your money. Here is financial proof you’re in the right relationship.


You’re spending less on entertainment

All of those events where you go to see and be seen, but the ticket prices aren’t cheap—you aren’t going to many of those anymore. Your partner has you feeling more grounded. You love yourself, so you don’t need to prove anything by being a person about town anymore—running in the “cool” circles.


You’re getting more bonuses at work

You’ve been feeling motivated so you’ve been doing a great job at work, and you’ve been receiving bonuses. Your partner energizes you to perform your best at work, and your bosses have taken notice in the form of some nice bonuses.


You get a sensible vehicle

Your partner doesn’t make you feel insecure about “appearances.” They don’t need you to drive a nice car in order to impress them, or others. In fact, they want you to drive a car with reasonable monthly payments so you can continue to save money.


You aren’t blowing money on booze

Those transactions on your credit cards for champagne, rounds of shots, mimosa brunches, and the like, aren’t showing up as much. You don’t need alcohol to mimic a sense of excitement—you feel totally happy, totally sober, because you’re in the right relationship.


You don’t need to buy a new wardrobe

The wrong partner will try to change you. A good partner will improve you, but a bad one will try to change things that are fundamental to who you are, like your style. But you haven’t had to do a big shopping trip to make this partner feel proud to be out with you.


You’re spending a bit more on your health

You are spending a bit more on your health via, perhaps, finally getting a gym membership or investing in a quality pair of workout shoes. You’ve signed up for yoga classes. You’re spending a little more on groceries, because you’re buying organic.


And in the long run, spending less on your health

Because of the investment your partner has encouraged you to make in your health, you’re spending less on it in the long run. You haven’t, for example, had to buy much antacid or pain relievers lately because you’re healthier lifestyle doesn’t leave you needing them.


You’re reaching your investment goals

You have savings goals each month and year, and you want to use those savings to make investments. You’ve actually managed to reach those goals—and sometimes exceed them—since getting into this relationship.


You’re planning more for your retirement

You’ve actually started thinking about and planning for your retirement. Being in the right relationship will have you doing that. You’re dreaming about how you’ll relax in your older years with this partner, so you’re planning for how to make that a reality.


Your Uber/Lyft apps have been dormant

You haven’t been hitting the bars as much. When you go out with your partner, you don’t drink much because you’re so happy just being sober together. In general, you haven’t needed someone else to drive you home in a while.


You don’t need a housekeeper as much

Your partner respects your home, and even helps with tidying it up. So you haven’t needed your housekeeper as much, which has saved you some money.


You’re spending less on caffeine

You sleep well next to this partner. You’re just so relaxed knowing you have someone who really cares about you by your side at night, so you sleep deeply, and don’t need to buy as much caffeine during the day.


You got that raise

You finally mustered up the courage to ask for it, with your partner’s help. And, you’ve been doing such a good job at work recently because this relationship inspires you, that you got that raise.


You’re getting more clients

If you do some freelance contract work, you’ve been finding that you land more clients. Again, your partner has a way of making you believe in yourself and inspiring you to build the life you want.


Your travels are more modest

Your partner doesn’t pressure you into booking the five-star hotel and the $300 booze cruise and the most expensive steak house in town. Your partner is down for some budget travel. They just want to go on an adventure with you.

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