Struggles Single Moms Understand All Too Well

October 18, 2019  |  
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Raising children is most certainly meant to be a two-person job. Unfortunately, circumstances such as death, divorce, and other unforeseen situations can often leave a mom struggling to juggle the responsibilities of child rearing alone or trying to navigate trickily and treacherous waters of co-parenting from separate households. Motherhood is hard as hell, but single motherhood is a whole different animal. Here are ten struggles only single moms understand.


Motherhood can be extremely isolating, but single motherhood gives way to a form of isolation that many fail to take into consideration. Going from having another person around to share the physical and emotional load of parenting to being completely alone can be a jarring experience.


The Smiths and Marlon Wayans may make it look like it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but trying to parent from two separate households is no easy feat – especially when there may be bad blood between you and your ex. Just ask Sherri Shepherd.

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Mental overload

The mental load of motherhood is tremendous, however, managing the load as a single parent can leave you feeling as though you’re being crushed beneath the weight of all that you’re responsible for.

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Mom guilt

Mom guilt affects us all, but it’s doubled and even tripled when you’re trying fill the role of both parents.

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Being a single mom often means increased workload, less breaks, and little rest. To mother small children means you’re exhausted 95 percent of the time,  but parenting alone takes that fatigue to new levels.

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Despite all of the progress we’ve made as a society, many people continue to make swift judgments and display flippant attitudes towards single mothers. Even worse, some even treat your children differently because of your marital status. Sadly, the places where the most mistreatment occurs are typically ones you would assume to be safe havens — like church and family gatherings.

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Single Parenting also means relying on one income. Children are expensive as hell and trying to foot the bill alone means things may be tight for a little while.

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Trying to manage dating as a single parent can feel like herding cats. You’re tasked with managing school schedules, extracurricular stuff, coordinating pick up and drop off times with your co-parent and now you have to take an additional person’s schedule into account as well? Godspeed, sis.

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Finding me-time

Being head of a single-parent household means you’re likely on duty around the clock. From working long hours to provide for your kids to their daily care. This leaves little time for personal projects, hobbies, and just plain old downtime.

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Trying to explain adult situations to little people

There comes a time in every single mom’s life where she has to explain to her child why mommy and daddy don’t live together or even worse, why daddy may not be around at all. Being honest with your child while also shielding them from adult situations is a delicate dance.

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