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Black Twitter is in an uproar after a popular Internet personality, who was commonly believed to be a Black woman, revealed their true identity in a recent cover story for Paper Magazine.

@EmoBlackThot is actually a bi-sexual 23-year-old black man named Isaiah Hickland. Hickland has been the voice behind Emoblackthot for four years and decided to finally reveal his identity after rising to fame in anonymity.

“This is a big step for me,” Hickland told Paper.

“I’m so nervous, probably because this will be the first and last time I’ll ever be this honest and open about myself to anybody.”

The unmasked social media personality offered skincare and self-care tips to his 170,000 plus followers every day. The account, which seemed to be founded on honesty and transparency between Black women, was actually built on lies.

“I lied to people. I could’ve been honest,” Hickland said in his interview. “But the account got so big at some point, it almost turned into a nightmare.”

After Hickland’s cover image dropped, longtime fans and followers of EmoBlackThot took to Twitter to express anger at the social media fraud for co-opting the struggles and story of Black womanhood for profit. EmoBlackThot reportedly spoke about periods, cramps, his zodiac sign, and even accepted donations from his fans under the guise of being a Black woman.



Hickland offered an apology to those disturbed by the revelation, saying,

“to black women: i want to sincerely apologize. the intention of my actions doesn’t matter, the impact & how they make you feel does. i take full accountability for my actions and i’m sorry.”

Continuing, “hi guys 🙂 if the existence of this account has affected you in anyway, whether positively or negatively, please let me know in the replies how so. will make sense soon.”

You can see more Twitter reactions here:

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