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As a techie and a general source for technology information, it’s [somewhat] easy for me to quickly jump on any new social network and find the pros and cons…just for the research and the ability to share with others. I can imagine there are people out there who are not as into social networking as I am, but have heard of the benefits and want to dive in. I can personally attest to the benefits of expanding your reach to more people than just those who are in your immediate circle. All of the resources I have found, all of the connections I have made, all of the free marketing I have received; makes social networking a beast, and I would strongly suggest that anyone looking to get into social networking either personally or professionally should dive right in.

On the flip-side, it is very easy to slip into Social Networking Overload. As fast as technology moves these days, it seems as if you’re not where everybody else is, you’re losing. [Quote] Social Media Experts [Unquote] and others (myself included) will tell you that you need to get with the latest and greatest. Even then I have to back myself down off the “early adopter high” that comes with getting in on the ground floor of seemingly every new social networking platform known to man. Being everywhere at all times is time-consuming. So to help you avoid suffering from Social Networking Overload, I will dish up a few simple “affirmations” that will help you focus your efforts and help you decide what sites you will jump in on, or pass up.

Life will go on

Look, I know it’s tempting to sweat all of your Twitter followers or your Facebook Friends for a Google+ invite. The numbers of kool-aid drinkers sign-ups they have achieved in their first month are greater than what it took Twitter and Facebook years to accomplish. Plus, (pun intended) Google+ is still technically a “field test” meaning that Google is merely trying stuff out and seeing what sticks. So, the allure of trying to get in is…alluring. But (and you’re going to have to trust me on this) if you never get an invite, or fail to completely adopt Google+ it will not be the end of the world. The same information being shared on Google+ is the same information that can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Tagged, and every other site you can think of. It will just be arranged differently. So relax, if you never jump on Google+, it’s not that deep.

Go with what you know

Which leads me to my next point: If you are a Tweeting God, or have fifty-eleven thousand Facebook friends, or already schooling folks on how you think Google+ is doing the most, and you feel informed, engaged, productive and just plain ol’ comfortable using those sites, work the hell out of them and forget the rest. Spreading yourself too thin by trying to be involved in every conversation on every site is not a good look. So relax, you will miss something on your go-to platform if you are trying to be the King/Queen of all Social Media…It’s not that deep.

There will ALWAYS be something new

Tomorrow will come and the next new social networking site is currently being brainstormed in college dorms, incubated at startup accelerators, pitched to venture capitalists and angel funds, and being spread around by PR Firms. So if you’re glad you’ve missed out on the insane amount of tweets that currently flood your average Twitter timeline, or can’t stand all of your family members answering “Questions” about you, or don’t think Google+ Circles are “all that”, your ideal social networking platform is coming. You may have to tune out all the noise that comes with people swearing by their weapon of choice. So relax, the “new hotness” will arrive. So right now, it’s just not THAT deep.

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