How To Tell Your Girl You’re Sick Of Hanging Out With Her & Her Boyfriend

October 8, 2019  |  

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As happy as we are for our girl when she finally gets boo’d up, losing that one-on-one time with her can put a real strain on the relationship. To make matters worse, your bestie may try to squeeze girl time in by having you hang out with her and her significant other. While third-wheeling can be occasionally ok, there comes a time where you just need your friend, without the shadow of her man candy hanging in the background.

You definitely want to be strategic with how you approach the conversation, because the last thing you want is to sound bitter.

“Try to bring up [third-wheeling] in a way where you share what you would like to do [instead],” Shula Melamed, MA, MPH, and well-being coach, old Elite Daily. “In other words, if you don’t want to third-wheel, is it because you miss spending individual time with one partner? Is there a way to share how much you would like to start doing some of the things you used to one-on-one?”

Whatever you do, don’t start making up lies to get out of the third wheel experience, it’s better to just be honest.

“It’s completely fine if you find yourself just wanting to stay home and watch a movie but lying to your friend and saying you’re sick or some other silly excuse is going to come back to haunt you later on.”Maria Sullivan, dating expert and vice president of, tells Elite Daily.

Another way to ease the awkwardness is to just invite your other gal friends or other guys to tag along with you all.  You could even set up a double date.”That way you get to spend time with your friends, while also having a fun time,” Sullivan said.

If you still feel like hanging out with your girl and her partner is the only way to see your friend, at least try to do activities together that you actually like so it feels more like an experience.

“Couples usually have some hobbies, preferences, or interests that diverge, and if they converge with yours, that could be the sweet spot for getting some alone time with them,” Melamed said.


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