Ways We Understand Our Parents As We Age

October 3, 2019  |  
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a good parent child relationship

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I’ve been very overcome with emotions lately as I’ve needed my parents guidance more than ever on some very grownup decisions, and am realizing damn they’re wise. And, I’m realizing that they were once my age and went through the same stuff I’m going through now. What’s more is that they had my sister and me by then. So they were going through these major changes while raising kids. As I get older, I start to go through phases and have experiences that are tough and complicated, and then I have the light bulb moment of oh my parents went through this once, too. And that moment shines a light on so many of the things they said in the past and the advice they gave me and the rules they implemented. It’s almost like I’m walking in their shoes, a few decades later. Here are ways we understand our parents more as we age.

a good parent child relationship

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Asking to meet your friends’ parents

Remember how embarrassed you felt when, you wanted to sleep at a friend’s house, and your parents insisted on meeting that friend’s parents first? It felt like they were judging those parents. Now you totally get it: not all adults are good. Of course they weren’t letting their baby stay with total strangers. You’ve seen the news. Grownups don’t always treat kids the way they should.

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