Being There For A Partner Who Is Quitting Smoking

October 1, 2019  |  
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quitting smoking tips

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Ideally, you’ll meet someone who isn’t a smoker. You don’t want to deal with the little ashtrays that begin to litter your balcony, or having to roll down all of the windows just to sit in his car without gagging, or requiring him to brush his teeth, rinse his mouth, and have a breath mint before he kisses you. Cigarette smoking is tough on a person’s health and tough on his relationships. It’s hard to love a man who isn’t looking after his health. But, look, someone’s cigarette habit doesn’t say anything about his character, so you may fall for a smoker. And you may be the one who helps him finally quit. But if I can be totally honest, in order from best to worst, these are the times you want to know a smoker: when he’s no longer a smoker, when he is a smoker, and—very, very least—when he’s in the middle of quitting. That part is a doozie. Here’s what to know about helping your partner quit cigarettes.


quitting smoking tips

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He’ll always have a reason not to

He’ll always have a reason why now is not a good time to quit. He just got a new job, and that’s stressful. He just lost his job, and that’s stressful. He’s in a fight with his dad, and that’s stressful. The beginning will be him searching for a peaceful time to quit smoking.

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