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If you’ve been keeping up, then you know that singer K. Michelle recently said that she doesn’t think men are “good people.”

While appearing on V-103, where she has been host of “The Morning Culture Show” with Frank Ski this week, she shared her controversial opinion.

“I don’t think men are good people,” she said at the time. “The reason for that is for men to do things that they consider small in the flesh like cheating, you know that that’s going to destroy your partner but you do it anyway. That’s not a mistake. We’ve watched the same story over and over again and just because I am a woman I’m supposed to accept your betrayal. You’re taking advantage of my love for you and I’m supposed to be the one behind you riding or dying. I’m not dying with nobody.”

Well, K was given the chance to further explain her stance while speaking to Derrick Jaxn, YouTube personality, author and self-love guru, who disagreed with her opinion.

“I don’t believe that. I think that’s a generalized statement. I think just based on what you said, your experiences are valid and I think the things she was talking about were extremely valid, but in the way that you’ve internalized it is toxic,” he said. “I think all men can be better, the same way women can, we could speak to the things that we’re doing wrong in terms of holding us accountable. But whenever you say all men are bad, you’re almost giving them a pass to continue being bad and that I’m not for.”

K doubled down on her feelings about the behavior of men.

“I can’t give them the pass to do nothing. They’ve been clowns for years, so there’s not a pass I can give,” she said. “Men like to take that and make women be the blame for why they’re acting like that and this and that. Yes, I have been in some relationships and they haven’t been good for me. But it’s not just me that I’m basing this off of. It’s women in every city…these women are walking up to me crying…broke down, souls broke down. Soon as they come towards me I know the first thing they’re going to say: something they man did to them. No, it’s never anything good. I rarely hear anything good that a man has done to help a woman be a better woman.”

The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer went on to say that she does feel there are good men somewhere, but they’re in the minority: the one percent. Derrick told her that if she continues to focus on that negative outlook of men, she will only continue to attract the 99 percent she hopes to avoid, saying her mentality wouldn’t attract a good one. She didn’t care, though.

“Well who cares what attracts him? That’s not what it’s about for me in my life,” she said. “I pay my own bills right now. When you pay your own bills you’re going to think about love differently. So if a man is not willing to show and prove who he is, he’s not for me. I put up this wall and if you’re not going to climb it, then you need to stay on the other side of it.”

She also, in that conversation, took time to slam the idea that a woman should submit to a man, as fellow singer Fantasia said recently. The “Free Yourself” singer said that “Most women are trying to be a leader, that’s why you can’t find a man.” K called bull on that.

“I’m going to speak and say how I feel,” she said. “This submission stuff with Fantasia, I’m not submitting to nothing but my bag and kids and my career. There’s no submission without a mission. There has to be a mission. These men don’t have missions.”

With her viewpoint, one couldn’t help but wonder if she sees her current partner of three years, Kastan Sims, differently. As it turns out, she said that she’s “floating” in the relationship but not “overall happy” with him because he showed a less than supportive side of himself when she was going through her health crises.

“As soon as things get bad for me health wise and I’m not as strong, I wasn’t brought up like I should have been brought up,” she said. “I was made to feel even more insecure in the situation.”

Nevertheless, she has chosen to stay in the situation and is even planning to welcome twin girls with her dentist beau, via surrogate.

“Me as a woman, I have decided there’s years and time with this. There are babies about to be born and everything so we are working on this relationship,” she said. “But before we were a couple I still spoke on these situations. I tell my relationships to the woman that come and cry. I let them know mine ain’t perfect. I’m not no relationship goals for y’all. I’m just going to tell y’all the truth at all times.”

“I’d rather stay in the best worst situation because they’re all messed up,” she added of relationships.


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