Men: Are Your Cars Keeping You From Getting Married?

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by Charing Ball

Anybody remember the old Miami bass song from an obscure group called Tigra and Bunny, also known as L’Trimm, called “Cars go Boom.” It went something like this: “We like the cars. The cars that go boom. We’re Tigra and Bunny. And we like the boom.”

Okay, they’re not the most thought-provoking lyrics every assembled but Lady Tigra and Bunny D, in their own nasal-sounding, bobble-headed ways, were definitely on to something.  Researchers from Rice University, the University of Texas-San Antonio and the University of Minnesota have determined that men, who drive fancy cars do so to get women as women are likely to be attracted to men with fancy cars.

In analyzing more than 1,000 men, researchers revealed that being in possession of a flashy luxury product, say a Lexus, did make a man more desirable to women than owning a non-luxury item, such as a Hyundai. But while women, who did find a man who drove a higher end automobile more attractive as a date, she did not find him more desirable as a marriage partner and inferred from their flashy appearance that they were only interested in uncommitted sex.

Now I don’t know why we needed a study to tell us what seems to be obvious. As the old saying goes, you can tell a lot by a man’s shoe and as Tigra and Bunny said many years ago, “we like the cars. The cars that go boom.”  It’s really not that hard to infer personality and character traits from an individuals conspicuous spending. For instance, if I had to guess, a guy in a Saturn is probably pretty reliable and careful with his spending – either that or a broke college student borrowing his mother’s car.  A guy in a mini-van is probably married.  And a dude rolling around in a 1970s Buick Regal probably means he’s over 80 – or a young guy with a few warrants attached to his name.  Yet all of that is really subjective when deciding upon a potential partner.

For a more reasonable explanation, more expensive cars tend not to impress women because it’s not about the car but the character of the guy that’s in it.  According to survey done by Top Gear Australia, women respond well to an ‘average Joe’ family-looking man, no matter what type of car he drives.

For instance, as a teenager, I would break my neck to check out a guy in a BMW or a 5.0 (the official cars of the early 90s) coming down the street. Of course, I was 16 then and they only thing I had to go on as far as judging a potential boyfriend was his sneakers and his automobile.  But as I matured, and tested the relationship waters a bit, I tended to add and deduct things from my list which dictated a suitable or potential mate: including honesty, security, sense of humor, reliability, and security.  What type of car he drove or what kind of shoes he had on his feet doesn’t even make the top 5.

True there are still some grown women who gawk openly when they hear about the flashy trophies of a potential mate. However, there are many men, who would summarize that a woman checking for the type of wheels you drive, probably isn’t marriageable material herself. But in those instances of a potential hook-up  the “relationship” between flash seeker and flash displayer is much more about power, control and conquest – in other words, fast car, fast hook up.

Charing Ball is the author of the blog People, Places & Things.

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