Why It’s Hard For Our Parents To Support Millennial Dreams

September 25, 2019  |  
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a parents approval

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Not feeling support from our parents. Is that a tale as old as time? Or is it perhaps a struggle felt more by the recent generation? I think there’s a bit of both happening. My mom has stories of her parents shutting down her dreams and questioning her goals. And of course she does—it’s in every parent’s nature to have concerns. It isn’t that they don’t believe we can do what we set out to do so much as it is that their heart breaks at the possibility of us not making it. They just don’t want us to get hurt. So, to some degree, probably everyone throughout history has had to fight for their parents to understand their aspirations. Though, I do feel that the millennial generation is part of such an interesting time in history that jumped ahead in so many ways from the previous generation, that the disconnect between us and our parents is greater. Here is why it’s so hard for millennials’ parents to understand our dreams.

a parents approval

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Their parents didn’t understand theirs

They’re still part of a generation whose parents told them to just get a steady job with benefits, have a family, and get a pension. Our parent’s parents lived through the depression—they don’t come from that dreamer mentality. They come from a survivalist mentality, and they passed that onto our parents.

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