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Basketball Wives

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When it comes to reality television, a certain level of catty behavior is to be expected. However, during the current season of “Basketball Wives,” the actions of the cast members felt cold, mean-spirited, and downright cruel at times. We know we shouldn’t expect much from the ladies of the VH1 series nine years in, but then again the women are nearly a decade older and, seemingly, nearly a decade meaner. Here are ten times the “Basketball Wives” acted out like high school mean girls this season.

Shaunie and Evelyn impersonating Cece

Although Shaunie likes to pretend to be neutral, she’s often the ring leader when it comes to the mean girl antics. Impersonating a person and making fun of their appearance is as childish as it gets.

Malaysia cropping Jennifer out of a photo

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After attending a sip and shop event hosted by Jennifer, Malaysia decided that she would send a subliminal message to let the world know that she was still not cool with Jenn by cropping her out of a photo snapped by a professional photographer, then posting it on Instagram. To attend the woman’s cancer benefit, pose for a photo only to turn around and cut her out was completely childish and mean-spirited.

Jackie popping up at Jennifer’s sip and shop to fight

Speaking of Jennifer’s event, in a misguided attempt to confront Feby for running her mouth, Jackie showed up outside of the cancer benefit dressed in all black screaming for Feby to come outside so that they could fight.

Shaunie not inviting Jennifer to Costa Rica

Despite accepting a peace offering and even orchestrating a reunion between Jen and Evelyn, Shaunie decided that she didn’t not want to invite Jennifer to Costa Rica with the rest of the cast because of her inability to mesh with some of the other women. Hardly any of these women get along with one another so it’s interesting that she chose to single Jennifer out.

Evelyn’s inability to decide whether she wants to be cool with Jennifer or not

Speaking of that reunion between Jen and Ev, fans all witnessed the two bury their beef. We then watched them join forces to engage in other mean girl antics, such as gossiping fellow cast member, Tami Roman. So when Ev turned around and decided that she was upset with Jennifer again, many were viewers confused.

OG dropping the paternity bomb about Kristen’s husband

Cast members have treated OG quite poorly this season, but OG isn’t innocent when it comes to the mean girl shenanigans. After learning that Byron wasn’t Thomas’s biological father, OG couldn’t wait to expose the secret in front of the other cast members. She took such pleasure in dropping that bomb that she even taunted Kristen by calling her “fradulent” and “fake” for walking around like she’s “basketball royalty” knowing that Thomas and Byron don’t have blood ties.

Jackie carrying a bone about Malaysia

When a random fan hopped into Jackie’s DMs with gossip about Malaysia and her kids, Jackie took the bait. She wasted no time carrying what she’d heard back to the rest of the cast.

The constant name-calling

These women call each other out of their names on the regular. One of the most childish moments is recent memory was when Feby resorted to calling Jackie “ears” during a heated exchange.

Evelyn blindsiding Jackie with a polygraph test

Evelyn invited Jackie to an outing only for Jackie to arrive and realize that she was being set up to take a polygraph test.

The nonstop attacks on OG’s appearance

Whether it was about her hair, clothing, or her feet, the number of times OG’s appearance was criticized this season was downright disgraceful. However, the most troubling moment came when Cece was exposed for calling OG unattractive.


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