How The #MeToo Movement Helped Me Understand My Experiences

September 13, 2019  |  
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metoo movement and datin

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The #MeToo movement has had a lot of unforeseen consequences—good ones, I mean. A lot of people who really deserve it are having their day in court. Any men with even slightly disrespectful intentions are on their toes. Good. They should be. I hope every man who ever crossed the line is just lying awake at night, shaking, wondering when he’ll be called out. And why shouldn’t he? For centuries women have spent most of their lives shaking in terror that somebody would assault them. Now it’s time for the assaulters to be terrified. There is something else interesting and positive that came from this movement: it put language around experiences from my past that I didn’t quite understand. Sadly, nobody really talked to me much about sexual assault or inappropriate behavior from men when I was younger. I knew that rape was bad and, that’s about it. But we all know now that there is a lot of grey area that leads up to that, that is still completely unacceptable. Here are experiences I understand better since the #MeToo movement.

metoo movement and datin

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Subtle comments from coworkers

I used to think that having male coworkers just make little sexual jokes at my expense or subtly hit on me was par for the course of having male coworkers. Sadly, I, and all of my friends, talked about this as if it was just the cost of doing business—a nuisance that there was nothing to do about.

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