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a routine day

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Routine is the death of life. We obviously must have some routine, or else our lives would fall apart. Keeping groceries in the fridge and showing up to work are pretty important. A regular hygiene schedule is also critical. But there is room, between the mundane and mandatory tasks of life for a little spontaneity—a little magic. Some people are just better at being open to it than others. And, the truth is that, a lot of people are afraid of leaving room for spontaneity in their lives. Sure their routine may make them feel numb but it also makes them feel safe. Oh yeah—that’s another thing that’s the death of life: simply pursuing safety. Stability and safety are two things we all need a base level of to enjoy life but, we really should only pursue them for that reason: as a platform from which we enjoy life. Stability and safety shouldn’t be the end all, be all of our pursuits. So, are you screaming inside? Are you wanting to break free? Here are signs it’s time to shake up your routine.

a routine day

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Airport drop-offs make you cry

When you’ve dropped off friends at the airport, you’ve burst into tears. Not because you were saying goodbye to them—you’d see them very soon. No, you burst into tears after saying goodbye, on your drive home. You just pulled over and had a deep cry that came from…you don’t know where. Perhaps the realization that all of those people at the airport were off for the type of adventure you desperately need, but aren’t getting.

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