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A Black North Carolina recounted one of the most terrifying moments of his life after he was handcuffed in his underwear after being held at gunpoint when Raleigh police officers responded to a false burglar alarm at his home on August 17.

“I was counting the seconds because I thought he was going to kill me,” Kazeem Oyeneyin, 31, told ABC News. “He was shaking the gun. All he has to do is slip and hit that trigger and I’m dead.”

Oyeneyin, a club promoter who also goes by “Tim Boss,” said the whole ordeal began after a friend who had spent the night, left his home in the morning. The friend’s exit somehow triggered the alarm system, alerting authorities that there may have been a forced entry.

Oyeneyin claims he was initially asleep, but was woken up after the system sent a message to his phone. After going downstairs to disengage the alarm, he headed back to sleep. However moments later he heard a loud noise and grabs his gun, which he legally obtained through a concealed weapon permit.

“I go downstairs. I disengage the alarm. I go back upstairs, I laid down. Twenty minutes later, I just hear these loud noises,” said Oyeneyin. “So, I come down my steps, I grab my gun because I don’t know who’s in the house.”

Security footage inside of Oyeneyin’s home captured the moment police enter the residence in response to the alarm. The officer can be seen and heard ordering whoever is in the residence to come out with their hands up.

Oyeneyin can be heard responding to the officer by telling him that he has a weapon. The officer orders him to drop the weapon and to come outside, prompting Oyeneyin to respond back with “What for?”

The moment quickly escalates when Oyeneyin tries to explain that he is indeed the homeowner and that the signal was a false alarm. The officer points his gun at Oyeneying and orders him to get on his knees and to “turn around and face away from me.”

After several instances of attempting to explain that he owns the house, another officer orders that Oyeneyin be taken to a patrol car so that the officers can search the house.

“While the cop was trying to put me in the car, I’m screaming, like ‘Yo!’ because I want my neighbors to come out and tell them that I live there,” Oyeneyin said. “So, the neighbors are just looking through the windows and I’m just humiliated. Nobody wants to say nothing. Everybody’s just looking.”

Another officer arrives who personally knows Oyeneyin and lets him out of the handcuffs and explains to officers that he owns the house. At that point the officer informs the other cops that they need to leave the residence.

The whole ordeal has no doubt affected Oyeneyin and he expressed his worries about the false perception that his neighbors now have because of the incident.

“This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life,” he said. “I mean, I felt like my character was defamed. I went outside the other day, the neighbors wouldn’t even wave at me. They don’t know what’s going on. They think I’m a whole criminal over here.”

In total Oyeneyin said that he’s glad his six-month-year-old son was not there on the day of the incident.

According to ABC News Oyeneyin was visited by officers from internal affairs after a local news outlet reported on the story, but declined to give them a statement.

“They’ve got me scared. I ain’t going to lie to you,” Oyeneyin said. “I don’t know how to trust them.”

The Raleigh Police Department released a statement to the outlet that they have tried to make contact with Oyeneyin as the result of a launched investigation, but have failed to make contact.

“The Department is looking into this incident and reviewing our officers’ actions,” Raleigh police said in a statement to Durham ABC station WTVD. “We have attempted to contact the homeowner several times over the past few days to discuss this incident with him.”

As of now Oyeneyin said he hasn’t decided whether or not he will take legal action or speak to a legal representative. The traumatic experience will more than likely take more than a lawsuit to heal the wounds of what transpired.
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