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expired foods and health

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It’s a shame to throw food away. Every time I do it, I just imagine my dollars going directly down the drain (or into the trash bin). I also become frustrated with myself for mismanaging my meals like that. I knew I should have added that spinach to that omelet a few days ago—I knew that if I didn’t then, I wouldn’t find another way to use it—and here I am, tossing it out. If I’m making my meals at home, but having to throw away food that I don’t eat on time, them I’m still wasting money even while eating in. For this reason, I’m often tempted to just eat food past it’s Best By date. Sometimes it goes okay; sometimes I pay the price of a stomachache and long night in the bathroom after. That’s because some foods are pretty much okay to eat past their expiration date, and some definitely are not. Keep in mind that a Use By and Best By date are different. The former means the item will most likely be good until around that date, and likely won’t make you sick after, but won’t be as good. The latter (Best By) is more of a guarantee about how long the item will be at its best quality. But you still need to use your own judgment much of the time. Here are foods it’s okay to eat after the expiration date, and foods you should never touch after it.


expired foods and health

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Okay: Eggs

Look for a three-digit number on the carton. This represents the day the eggs came out of the hen. The number 001, for example, means the eggs were laid on January 1st. The number 365 means the eggs came out on December 31st. You can eat the eggs within 30 days of that date.

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