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Sometime within the last few weeks, I’ve gotten really particular about sharing my bed. I want to spread my legs out; I want to roll over without running into another body; I want to hug the covers without thinking about leaving someone out in the cold. Now, this could be a temporary phase for me, but the feelings did make me wonder if the dynamics of sharing a bed, or even a home with someone would work for me.

Many couples are LAT, which means, living a part, together. Experts correlate women’s rising economic status to the increase in LAT couples.

“Women now are much better educated, more affluent, and better aware of their options than any other generation before. So many now have successful professional or semi-professional careers and are financially independent. That makes a difference,” Linda Breault, who co-authored the book Living Apart Together – A New Possibility for Loving Couples, told Refinery29.

And there are no hard and fast rules for who is best suited for an LAT situation and how long the arrangement should last. Each couple will vet out for themselves what makes sense for their comfort level and lifestyle.

“There’s always going to be a bit of a stigma doing something that’s not the status quo, but there’s definitely a rise in people designing their own relationships now,” Channa Bromley, Lead Coach for Relationship Hero explained.

“People are beginning to understand that there isn’t a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way to have a relationship.”

If you are interested in exploring an LAT relationship, open up the conversation to your current partner. It could be difficult if you already live together, but even making different living arrangements, like having separate rooms, may be better for the health of your partnership. If you’re someone who never wants to live with a partner, when you are dating potential loves, make it clear that living a part is your dream relationship scenario.

“This will work amazingly for some, and for others it will detrimental,” Bromley said.  “There’s no right or wrong, just whether it’s right for each individual person and relationship.”

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