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healthy fats day

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For a long time, those seeking to shed some weight seemed resistant to accepting the facts that healthy fat is a part of that. I know—anything with the word fat in it feels problematic when you’re trying to be, well, the opposite of that. Of course, sometimes it just takes a celebrity-backed trend to show us the light (for better or worse) and once the Keto diet took the weight loss scene by storm, people finally believed that a high-fat diet can actually be a good thing, when done right. Healthy fats can do a lot of wonderful things that anybody—including those who aren’t trying to lose weight—can benefit from, but they may be particularly useful to those hoping to shed pounds. They can aid in digestion, suppress the appetite, and overall leave us feeling satiated on less food. Here are healthy fatty foods you should be eating to lose weight.


healthy fats day

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Olive oil

On a simple level, extra virgin olive oil can entice you to eat more vegetables. It tastes great on lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers—really most veggies—so it could put you back in the salad game. It’s also laded with vitamins E and K, plus tons of antioxidants.

healthy fats day

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a family of fats we often don’t get enough of—medium-chain fats. These suppress the appetite and boost metabolism. That’s pretty appealing to someone trying to lose weight, right? Sautee your veggies in the stuff for a flavorful side dish.

healthy fats day

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In addition to drizzling olive oil on top of foods, you should also eat whole olives. Olives contain a compound called Oleuropein that helps the body secrete more insulin and fights diabetes.

healthy fats day

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You may have known that avocados are high in healthy fats but did you know that they’re also high in potassium? More than bananas, even, which your muscles will thank you for if you’re adding a lot of exercise to your weight-loss regimen.

healthy fats day

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Full-fat yogurt

Full-fat yogurt isn’t just full of satisfying protein; it’s also high in probiotics that aid in digestion. In this way, it can help you better gauge your hunger levels.

healthy fats day

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Walnuts, pecans, almonds—you can’t go wrong. This is a great entirely plant-based source of protein to snack on that’s also high in vitamin E and magnesium. Magnesium can keep you regular and help you sleep.

healthy fats day

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Egg yolk

Egg yolk doesn’t actually affect cholesterol like we think. Plus, it’s loaded with protein and packed in a small caloric package. Egg yolks also have nutrients that are good for the brain.

healthy fats day

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A stick of cheese

Need a snack? Grab a cheese stick. Cheese is high in protein, and it has B12 to keep your brain feeling awake and happy during those trying weight-loss months.

healthy fats day

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Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil fights inflammation, which you’ll appreciate after a hard workout, and aids in digestion. Add it to salad dressings, smoothies, and dips.

healthy fats day

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Grass-fed steak

If you’re doing the Keto diet, good news: you can have some grass-fed steak. The grass-fed variety has more heart-healthy omegas than others, and is obviously loaded with protein to keep you full.

healthy fats day

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Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has an interesting nutrition profile. It’s actually 11 percent fiber, and full of healthy fats, making it the perfect after-dinner dessert to promote good digestion and fight off sugar cravings.

healthy fats day

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Chia seeds

These little seeds consist mostly of omega 3s, are high in fiber, and can fight inflammation. Add them to your full-fat yogurt for some crunch. Just a tablespoon will do the trick.

healthy fats day

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Grass-fed butter

You may already be familiar with its benefits from bulletproof coffee, but you can also use grass-fed butter to cook your grass-fed steak or add flavor to your sauteed vegetables. Like the steak, it’s also high in omegas because it comes from grass-fed cows.

healthy fats day

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If you’re slightly lactose-sensitive, reach for Ghee. We get Ghee from melting regular butter, separating the milk solids and liquid fats, and just using the resulting fats—so it’s lower in lactose than butter, but still loaded with omegas.

healthy fats day

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Pumpkin seeds

Keep these around for when you need a snack. One cup has less than 300 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fiber. Add them to salads or—if you make your own nut butter at home—blend them into some butter.

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