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Jidenna Says He's "Looking For Wifey"

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If you thought all men had declared love and romantic relationships passé, allow Jidenna to give you a little hope this Tuesday afternoon. The 34-year-old rapper is living up to the title of his debut hit “Classic Man,” declaring on Twitter today that he’s looking for a serious partner. And while the artist is down for a variety of different types of unions, he’s clear that he wants the relationship to have the right foundation.

“I believe in monogamy, he wrote. “I believe in polyamory. I believe in marriage. I believe in non-traditional union. There are agreements & compromises to be made in every relationship. Most of all, I believe in Love & Honesty as the foundation. I’m looking for wifey…”

As you can imagine, many women applauded Jidenna’s declaration — and also attempted to throw their names in the ring for potential “wifey.” And we don’t blame them. Not only does the Nigerian star have a unique sense of style, a great smile, and amazing talent as a singer and songwriter, he’s also woke and is an ally to Black women. After being spotted wearing a hoodie that read, “Protect Black Women At All Costs” to a Toronto Raptors game last year, the Brooklyn resident explained the reasoning behind his clothing choice on Instagram, writing:

“‘Protect Black Women At All Costs” does not mean that I/we/you should not protect other women,” he wrote. “Undoubtedly, we must protect ALL women everywhere in the world.”

“This sweatshirt simply recognizes the fact that Black women have been historically unprotected by this nation (and others) and, unfortunately, by Black men,” he continued. “In the same vein as the phrase Black Lives Matter, this sweatshirt does not negate the protection of other women. It simply highlights the protection of a particular group of women. If I were to wear a sweatshirt that says protect Muslim women or Queer women, it would not negate the protection of Christian women or Heterosexual women. I want men to support women worldwide and I’ve had enough of Black men, in particular, acting as if our women are disposable and worthless. We can no longer take our women for granted. There were so many Black women who were on the frontlines during the inception of the Black Lives Matter movement; they marched and fought for us. But where are the men when the Black maternal mortality rate is 57% and when Black women in NYC are 12x more likely to die from childbirth or childbirth related causes?! Where are we when Black women are being harassed, assaulted, psychologically and physically abused at higher rates than any other ethnic group in the US?! This sweatshirt means a lot to me, my family, my friends, and my community because I have seen and heard stories from Black women that bring me to tears full of rage. We must support, defend, protect, embrace, and stand behind Black women. By protecting Black women we are taking a significant step in protecting ALL women. When someone protects their specific marginalized community, I am always inspired to protect my own marginalized communities. I wish the same inspiration for you. All I fight for is one love and harmony on this planet. Bless.”

Personally, I don’t know what else you need to know about Jidenna to understand he’s a catch, but in case that isn’t enough, we did take the liberty of putting together a list of 15 facts about ya boy. Beware, if you want to make the artist yours, you have some competition. Click through to see the hilarious responses Jidenna’s desire for “wifey” garnered on Twitter.

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