Do You Just Want Instant Gratification?

August 21, 2019  |  
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I struggle with being patient sometimes. I must have bought half a dozen website domains in my early twenties for ideas that I thought would be a big hit that I eventually abandoned after a few months, disappointed that my “genius” concepts weren’t taking the world by storm within a mere fiscal quarter. In my dating life, when I was young, I just wanted a boyfriend so badly that I wanted to skip the dating/getting to know someone phase. I wanted to meet his friends and run errands together, like an old married couple, by date three. Those were not happy years. I thought they were happy because, at times, they felt exciting. Constantly jumping from one pursuit to another is exciting…for a while. And it can masquerade as joy. But real, enduring happiness comes from staying in the pocket. So, do you just want instant gratification? Here are the signs.


You try to “crack” therapy

You tried therapy once (or maybe a few times). Even though friends and family told you what to expect—such as you need to put in the work to see results—you thought that didn’t apply to you. You thought you’d “ace” therapy within a few sessions (like that’s a thing). You got frustrated that your therapist only seemed to want to drudge up more issues and asked you to do more personal work. You wanted to go in there and prove you didn’t need therapy—you thought she’d give you a gold star and send you on your way. But she didn’t, and that bothered you. So you quit.

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