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My favorite thing about blogging is that there are so many opportunities everywhere. So many that taking advantage of them all becomes the problem – not a lack of them.

The fact that there are so many is also what is so overwhelming. While I love a good challenge that gets the blood pumping and keeps the mind sharp, too many challenges can give you high blood pressure and cause your mind to lapse.

There’s always something going on- if you listen carefully, not a day will go by that you won’t read about opportunities such as freelance blogging job alerts, joint venture and teaming opportunities, giveaways and  guest posting contests.

But it can become extremely frustrating trying to keep up with all of the opportunities floating around in the blogosphere. The solution, however,  is not to let yourself get so overwhelmed that you no longer pay attention to those opportunities. You don’t want to get to a place where you’re ignoring everything, but you do need to find a balance.

You’ll need to select your opportunities wisely and respond quickly before they evaporate into thin air.  You need to select them carefully so you won’t over-commit your time or miss out on a chance of a lifetime.  Most of the opportunities I’ve snagged came when I least expected them, some of them I almost let slip away.

No one can say exactly when these things are going to happen – I don’t wake up everyday knowing which opportunities will come my way.  But I do know that I, at least, need to make sure I’m ready to respond when those opportunities do present themselves.

Here are some tips that may help you snag more awesome blog opportunities:

1.  Planned Exploration

Set a time of day when all you do is search around for potential opportunities that you’re interested in.  Some days you may find nothing and other days you may find too many – but if you’ve got your eyes open, you’ll at least have a chance to make a choice about which opportunities you’ll pursue.

2.  Tap into the Power of “Now”

There will be times when you’re trying to focus on something entirely different when an amazing opportunity will present itself.  You may be tempted to ignore it just so you can stay on task.  While avoiding unnecessary distractions is definitely a strong skill to have, don’t let it hinder you and squash your chances.

One day while I was working on a blog post, I just happened to catch a tweet from one of my favorite bloggers (Ileane) about a guest posting contest on a personal finance blog.  I would have never found about the contest any other way.  I was tempted to ignore it, because I thought it would throw my progress off for that day.

However, when I learned that they’d be giving away a $1000 prize and 2 $500 prizes, I quickly stopped what I was doing and churned out a post.  I’m glad I did because I got to take home a cool $500 (Ileane won the other $500 – how cool was that?)

3.  Subscribe to the Right Blogs

You could also add: follow the right people.  Interact with them, connect and get to know them.  I won’t give a giant list here, but a few blogs you should follow if you aren’t already are:

  • Basic Blog Tips
  • Famous Bloggers
  • Kikolani
  • Make a Living Writing
  • SiteSketch101
  • Smart Passive Income

If you aren’t already a member of blog voting sites, you should make sure you have accounts at:

  • Blog Engage
  • Blokube
  • Blog Interact
  • SERPd
  • BizSugar

You’ll want to spend a few minutes browsing the latest submissions at each of these sites – I’ve made awesome connections with bloggers I discovered at these sites that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

These are just a few ways to snag more blog opportunities, but I’m certain there are more – so it’s your turn to add #4… #5… #20?

While you’re here, don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity to join our Guest Posting Contest!  If you’re not up for participating, you can still get in on the action by becoming a sponsor.  Contact me for details.

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