Congressional Leaders Prepare For Shutdown Instead Of Preventing It

April 5, 2011  |  

By J. Smith

What an embarrassing time to be a committed and willing participant in the legislative process. You make a commitment to your country by exercising the most base civic duty — voting — only to find those elected officials aren’t as committed as they seemed on election day. How embarassing it must be to fulfill your end of the bargain as a voter, only to have those representatives not even be able to keep the doors of the federal government open. Are we expecting too much? Legislative action and thorough discussion are clearly a stretch, but even our lowest expectation — for the government to not to be shutdown if it can be helped — can’t even be fulfilled.

It appears that Congressional leaders have given up. Instead of using the last few days to settle on a budget that would keep the federal government open for the rest of the year, everyone has busied themselves with prepartions for what seems to be inevitable. Politico reports that Republican leaders plan to distribute a pamphlet today about the mechanics of a partial congressional work-stoppage to all lawmakers’ offices.

“It’s the strongest signal yet that House Speaker John Boehner believes the White House and Congress could fail to strike a deal on a long-term funding bill before the government’s authority to spend money runs out on Friday. Talks came to a standstill Monday, amid amplified partisan recriminations,” Politico reports.

With all due respect to the hardworking and genuine Congressmen who have the misfortune of serving their terms along with the self-righteous, stubborn “leaders” who would rather see the country on fire than use the opposite party’s water hose, you all are truly pathetic.

What a dismal state of affairs our government is in. The Treasury Secretary announced yesterday that the nation’s debt ceiling will be reached next month, military operations are still underway on three fronts, unemployment in the black community is worse than even the highest jobless numbers from the national recession and half of the Republican presidential hopefuls are still demanding to see President Obama’s birth certificate. How incredibly embarrassing it is to be a constiuent of a government that makes defunding NPR a higher priority than all of the issues listed above, when keeping the government open could provide opportunity to remedy all of those things.

To illustrate how petty things have become, I point to a passage from Politico’s reported piece, “Boehner (R-OH) did not initially commit to a meeting President Barack Obama plans to host at the White House on Tuesday — the same day House Republicans plan to release their entitlement-slashing budget plan…Boehner’s office confirmed late Monday that he will attend but arrive after it starts.” Oh, that’ll show ’em! Intentionally show up late to a meeting with the president about the immediate financial future of the country.

Can we impeach Congressmen?

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