31 Days Of Sensuality Day 9: Getting Grounded With A Healing Session At I See You Wellness

August 9, 2019  |  

31 days of sensuality

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In the past week I’ve tapped into my sensuality by doing naked yoga, burlesque, stripping and other activites that have really allowed me to explore my erotic self.  In all of this, I know for sure that I haven’t been as present in these experiences as I would want to be because I’ve been mentally over-processing the activities, second guessing this project, and moving too fast. Between work, relationships and everyday life, I often find myself being overwhelmed with anxiety, which creates a sense of detachment from being fully present in the things I’m doing. So, I’ve decided to shift gears from sensual movement to sensual healing for the purpose of being grounded in my body. 

I spent the day with Mariam Mouna, founder of I See You Wellness who created a healing session for me to do just that. Through reiki, sound bath, visualization meditation, consuming natural herbs and an energy work session, Mariam helped me get grounded in my body so I can move throughout the next 22 days of this 31 Days of Sensuality Challenge being in tune with all of myself. 

Your body is your temple, you decide who gets to worship it!

But first, you have to connect and  worship it for yourself. 

I See You

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Mariam spent two hours guiding me through a series of spiritual activation exercises. We started off sitting on a plush Moroccan tapestry then she offered me tea made from herbs that came from her garden and grounding oil from the I See You Self Care Products Collection. We discussed my daily rituals and the blocks/barriers I’ve created that have kept me from being in tune with my mind, body and soul. During our discussion, Mariam reminded me that sensuality and sex are not muturally exclusive. In fact, if you want to have mind blowing sex, you must first understand that the alchemy of ecstasy is a spiritual pactice based on connecting with yourself first. This is done by activating your Sacral Chakra and awakening your Kundalini Shakti Energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. 

Once you start tuning into your body, you can use this energy (even sexual energy) to project into the future what you want to see happening in your life. It’s a really powerful technique to use this energy to amplify your intentions, manifest, and create from a place of power. Mariam guided me through a visualization practice intertwined with deep breathing and spiraling movement that allowed me to feel and see my core power at its deepest level. During this practice, we also focused on releasing and healing any past trauma. As I closed my eyes, Mariam told me to “Call all of your energy back. Call your sexual energy back. Call your power back from all times and all places. Call your creativity back.” In each breath, I called everything back to my body! And in this space of release, I felt a warm and tingling sensation moving through every fiber of my being—spirit was freely moving through me, clearing blocks and activating my power.

I See You

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I could feel the vibration of my breath while Mariam helped me activate and transmute my energy. My imagination ran rampant with both thoughts of letting go of all things that no longer serve me and seeing the experiences that I want to create in the future. I couldn’t help but cry, scream and smile at the same time. My entire body was engaged in this practice and I felt grounded in the pleasure of just being connected to earth, spirit and to myself. This is where the life force energy lives. This is where your most sensual self lives. This is where love lives. 

Next, we transitioned to the sound bath and reiki healing. I laid on a massage table while Mariam used drums, a Tibetan singing bowl and an instrument that sounded like rain to create a melodic harmony that sent me into a deep meditation. Mariam then put her warm hands on various meridian points throughout my body and guided me on another third-eye visualization exercise. She told me to envision that I am a black hole and I get to choose which energy I want to absorb from the galaxy of energies orbiting around me. There was an enormous amount of calm and ease rushing over me. We then moved back to the floor. Mariam lit Palo Santo (a South American tree related to Frankincense) and did an intuitive reading for me. The reading allowed me to use the energy I just stirred up to create tangible next steps on my journey. 

My time with Mariam was the most powerful, beautiful, delicious and satiating experience I’ve ever had! The sexiest thing you can ever do is to tap into your divine self. Mariam taught me how to cultivate and dance with my sensuality with deep breathing and intentionally connecting to my life force. This is the path of ascension for activating the goddess within. In that moment, I let her speak, dance and express herself as vibrantly as possible. I was free.

I See You

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After spending a day in Bushwick at the I See You Wellness Studio, what I know for sure is that sensuality is creative and fertile. And that wellness and wholeness are at the basis of that sensuality. It is your job to get grounded in you power so that nobody can take it from you! I advise that you create space everyday to ground your energy so you can use it to create your best life.

Here’s a gentle reminder, we are in the age of embodiment. Being too much in your head means that you are not connected to your body. I will keep my breath in mind the next time I feel myself being detached and overwhelmed, because peace and power always reside within me, waiting to be tapped into.

Moving forward: My mind is clear. My heart is open. My body is activated. My energy is flowing. 

Learn more about Mariam’s energy work and her healing products by visiting www.iseeyouwellness.com or IG: @iseeyouwell




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